Sports Boxers & Briefs: Are The Raiders Coming Back To L.A.?


It was a unanimous vote in Los Angeles yesterday for AEG to build a football stadium that will cost the L.A. tax-payers next to nothing.  The one thing; they will not build the stadium next to the Staple Center until a football team agrees to move there. 

It was rumored the St. Louis Rams and The Minnesota Vikings were wanting to move there, but with each time having a contract with each of their cities, it is not likely going to happen.  Then which two teams are favored to move to Los Angeles?  A hint; both are already in California.

According to ESPN Analyst Adam Schefler, the two teams most likely to move to Los Angeles are The Oakland Raiders or The San Diego Chargers.  Sigh.

I know a lot of people who would love for the Raiders to move back to L.A.  Friends Big Game Dave and GK Raider come to mind.  As A Dallas Cowboy fan, I don't really care either way.  I would have loved for L.A. to get the Rams and rename them.  Say rename them the L.A. Express to take it back to the old USFL days.  A lot of baggage comes with the Raiders.  I am not calling Al Davis baggage but having to deal with him is not exactly a cake walk. 

I know L.A. wants a football team again but do they want the Raiders?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Anyone Else Baby?  Ok Ok, Just Win Baby



Hey everyone!

It's been a while since I have done one of these and not because I did not want to. It has more to do with time, but enough about that.

So are you ready for Thanksgiving?  What are your plans?  Spending it with family? Friends? Flying anywhere? Going to the beach?

I am looking forward to sleeping in to be honest. Ha!

About 40 minutes before the Dallas Cowboys play the Oakland Raiders, I plan on hitting up either Subway or Quiznos and picking up a turkey sandwich and watch the game at home.  Hopefully, The Cowboys win and it will be a Happy Thanksgiving! ;)

I do plan on hanging with some close friends on Saturday night but that is about it. 

I hope all of you out there have a great Thanksgiving, no matter what you do. Whether you celebrate it or not.

Much Love to you always.-Dr.FB


Sports Boxers & Briefs: Dodger Owners Separating

Frank McCourt & Jamie McCourt Separate. Photo: LATimes.com
Frank McCourt & Jamie McCourt Separate. Photo: LATimes.com

Frank McCourt & Jamie McCourt Separate. Photo: LATimes.com

As the Dodgers go into the 2nd round of the playoffs, the owners are about to go into a battle that could be just as hard. Frank & Jamie McCourt confirmed they are separating.

This has been brewing for a while but this is rather bad timing. Now, some focus will be put on this and people are questioning if this would be a distraction to Dodgers going against the Phillies. I don't think it will.  Do players really go "oh man, my owner may be getting divorced. That may make it hard for me to hit the ball?" No, they don't.

On a side note, Cleveland Brown quarterback for a hot minute Brady Quinn has put his home up in the area, causing speculation he will be traded. I am sure he got the heads up that they were making that decision and that is why he put it up for sale. Rumored teams interested are the Carolina Panthers & the Oakland Raiders. Ouch!

There have also been rumors about Terrell Owens getting traded to Chicago. I would take him back in Dallas. I think he has learned his lesson to keep his mouth shut in the locker room and the field and speak on your reality show only. Dallas is 3-2 without T.O. although the 3 victories are over teams that have a combined win total of 1. Buffalo I believe is 1-4 with T.O.-Dr.FB


4 People Missing At Sea; 2 NFL Players & 2 Others No One Else Is Talking About

4 people are missing at sea right now in the Gulf Coast of Florida.  2 people you may have heard of and 2 people you still may not have heard of.

Oakland Raiders linebacker Marquis Cooper and defensive end Corey Smith were in a boat with two others that left Clearwater, Florida early Saturday morning.  Family members called the Coast Guard early Sunday morning and the Coast Guard advised there was no distress signal.

The Coast Guard is searching for the boat but heavy winds are making it hard for them to search.

This is what I could find out about the other 2 men; Will Bleakley is 25 years old and Nick Schuyler is 24 years old and both played for the University of South Florida college football team.

For more on this story, please click HERE.

All 4 people are in my thoughts.-Dr.FB

UPDATE; Nick Schuyler was found alive. Searching for other 3 now.


Def Not Sexiest Man Alive!

The Crypt Pimp. Photo: Paul Chinn The Chronicle
The Crypt Pimp. Photo: Paul Chinn The Chronicle

The Crypt Pimp. Photo: Paul Chinn The Chronicle

Glad baseball will be bumping Al Davis from the start of Sportscenter. 

Al Davis is still alive although he doesn't really look it.  He claims tampering charsges against the patriots for Randy Moss.  He won't pay the head coach he just fired.

Al Davis is cheap and is the Raiders own worst enemy.-Dr.FB