Video: The Return Of Octomom

Nadia Suleman is back. Yes, the octomom aka Octopussy. She may be looking better but she still has that annoying voice. Her appearance is quite timely and comedic. Wonder how much Jimmy Kimmel paid her though. Oh well. It’s almost the holidays and them babies could use some diapers so I won’t hate…the prostate. Enjoy […]

Video: A Comment About OctoPussy’s TV Show

This is heavenly funny. It is not Wendy who makes the comment but a lady in the audience and it is one of those moments where you are glad she said it and not you!  Classic! True or not?-Dr.FB

Madonna Looking Great Despite Adoption Denial

Madonna was out and about last night having a good time.  I must say she was looking really good and upbeat. We are glad she is not letting the adoption denial get her down as her appeal takes place.  Come on, if Octopussy can have 14 kids, why can’t Madonna have another?  At least we […]