Video: A Comment About OctoPussy’s TV Show

This is heavenly funny. It is not Wendy who makes the comment but a lady in the audience and it is one of those moments where you are glad she said it and not you!  Classic!

True or not?-Dr.FB

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  1. hahahaha hell yes

  2. LOL – oh please.. I’m not crazy about “Octomom,” BUT:

    a) she had 8 babies — all at once, and they all lived (babies born as part of octuplets, even occuring naturally w/o fertility drugs, normally don’t all survive), that’s why it’s a “big deal”
    b) lots of women (any race), particularly in the south, used to have “17, 18 kids” back when families mostly had farms; your kids were your farm hands; free labor — and, they were not having them 8 at a time
    c) Wendy is an evil, ignorant Amazon.. I wouldn’t expect members of her audience to be any more intelligent/reasonable/logical

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