More Adam Lambert TV Appearances Cancelled

Adam Lambert  Photo: Gettyimages.com
Adam Lambert  Photo: Gettyimages.com

Adam Lambert Photo: Gettyimages.com

The "backlash" over Adam Lambert's American Music Award performance continue. ABC has pulled him from their New Years Eve special and Jimmy Kimmel.

Adam says he is not mad at the network or Kimmel and says it is due to FCC pressure.  Adam will be performing on Leno later this month so obviously, NBC is either not feeling the pressure or is just not bucking down.

Maybe in hindsight, it wasn't the smartest thing to pull what he pulled at the AMA's.  It now seems the FCC has it's new posterboy for wardrobe malfunctions by going after performers who go "off script" as they are calling it.

ABC will now have artists sign contracts they will stick to what they do during rehearsal. I champion artistic expression and this seems lame. It proves all it takes is one person to change things for everyone.  Sometimes, not the result everyone wanted.-Dr.FB