Old Spice

The Old Spice Guy Makes A Marriage Proposal

The Old Spice guy is still answering and replying to messages on You Tube and Twitter and one was a marriage proposal to someones girlfriend. So, he made the marriage proposal above…..and we heard she said yes! Check it out above.-Dr.FB

New Old Spice Body Wash Commercial

Man, these Old Spice commercials are too much! I know you are all digging on them, so here is the new one that is almost as good as the “Smell Like A Man, Man” commercial. Are the ads making you buy Old Spice?-Dr.FB

Mel B. Is Looking For New Spice Girls

If talks go well, you could be seeing a VH-1 reality show of finding new Spice Girls with Mel B. Were the Pussycat Dolls not up to par with their reality show?  Man, if this is green lit, it is gonna be a train wreck.  Hmm.  On that note, I hope it does get picked […]