Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton Cops Cocaine Plea; Says She Is Done Being Party Girl

Paris Hilton has copped a pleawith the Las Vegas Police Department and will pay $2,000 and do 200 hours of community service.  She has to stay out of trouble in order for the plea to go through. She says she is done with the party scene and wants to be a stay at home girl. Saying […]

Paris Tweets After Cocaine Arrest

Paris Hilton's Twitter. Image:

I think the tweet above says it all when someone tweets this after getting arrested for cocaine possession, even if the purse wasn’t hers. What do you think of the Tweet; Class Act or Classless?-Dr.FB

Paris Hilton Arrested For Cocaine Possesion

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton was arrested late Friday night in Las Vegas for cocaine possession.  Her boyfriend Cy Waits was arrested for DUI. She has already hired high-powered Vegas lawyer David Chesnoff and he was able to get Paris out of jail without posting bail, which could mean the cocaine found was a very small amount.  Guess it was used, […]

Is Paris Hilton Packing?

Paris Hilton. Photo:

Why does it seem to us that something is going on in the lower region of Paris Hilton’s bathing suit? We know she usually travels with a lot of luggage but this is ridic. Do you see what I see?-Dr.FB

Paris Hilton Is Our Product Placement Star Of The Week

Paris Hilton. Photo:

Paris Hilton has returned as our product placement star of the week.  Notice how she holds the cup up so you see what kind of drink it is?  Also, it doesn’t hurt that she makes sure the logo of where she is buying the drink is right behind her.  Classic product placement star move.  Congrats […]