Paul Anka

Paul Anka Gets 50% Of “This Is It”

Paul Anka is going to get half of the publishing royalties to the new old song by Michael Jackson “This Is It” and Sony looks like idiots. As reported by TMZ (see how easy it is to give credit TMZ?) Paul will get the 50 percent and the agreement was reach by Michael Jackson’s estate. […]

Drfunkenberry Goes After TMZ

I am little peeved when I look at TMZ and I see 2 stories on their front page that were here 1st. One of them the Michael Jackson song not being original and then the 2nd being the Obama poll of if he really deserved the Nobel Peace Prize. Here is my This Is It […]

Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” Written For Someone Else?

Here is Michael Jackson’s “new” song called “This Is It” sung by Saifre? 17 years ago? Well, this is interesting. It seems Michael Jackson’s “This Is It”, which was written in 1991, was given to the female singer Safire and was written with Michael and Paul Anka. What gives? He names the tour that was […]