OMG! LMFAO “Sexy & I Know It” Video Has Too Much Kawk In It

The new video "Sexy & I Know It" by LMFAO has us saying OMG.

The video, featuring a little too much mankini action along with a cameo by Ron Jeremy and Wilmer Valderrama (not wearing mankini's thank God) but it is a little TMTH (Too Much To Handle) for even us.

Check out the video. Don't say we didn't warn you.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Party Rocking?  More Like Party Kawking!


Lady Gaga Answers A “Bad” Rumor

Lady Gaga appeared on Jay Leno last night performing "Bad Romance" and doing an interview with Jay. At first, you did not know where the interview was going to go but Gaga relaxed n was kind of funny at times.

Jay went for it and asked Gaga if she wanted to address any rumors about her or what was the worst rumor she has heard. Now, you would think it would be the "do you have a penis?" question but it wasn't.

Find out above to find out what it was.-Dr.FB