Lady Gaga Answers A “Bad” Rumor

Lady Gaga appeared on Jay Leno last night performing "Bad Romance" and doing an interview with Jay. At first, you did not know where the interview was going to go but Gaga relaxed n was kind of funny at times.

Jay went for it and asked Gaga if she wanted to address any rumors about her or what was the worst rumor she has heard. Now, you would think it would be the "do you have a penis?" question but it wasn't.

Find out above to find out what it was.-Dr.FB

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    LADY GAGA HAS A BEAUTIFUL VOICE!! song arent always all that but i like this one!!

  2. She is a great performer, very theatrical, and her voice is very strong. Too bad I don’t like most of her songs. Maybe her sophomore effort will be better.

  3. And again it”s GOOD!!
    I looooooove the black
    Thanks Doc

  4. Even in semi regular clothes she gives a great performance….she doesn’t need all the theatrics her voice is strong enough to stand on it own…..the more i hear her perform the more i respect her as a real artist….when she first hit the music scene in her crazy get ups and hair hair bows I thought she was just some joke who had to rely on gimmicks to get her over…

  5. Pop stars take note….she sings live. Her performances are theatrical, opera like, and avant garde. Thanks Gaga for waking me from my musical slumber.

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