Snap! Pink Releases Live Music Video For “Walk Of Shame”

Pink Photo:  CoverGirl

Pink has released a live concert video for "Walk Of Shame" from "The Truth About Love" and it almost catches how great Pink is live.

You can see her man Carey Hart looking on in approval somewhat. Check it out above!-DocFB

Diagnosis: No more "Walk Of Shame" for Pink!


Pink’s “True Love” Video Featuring Lily Allen Gets 1.2 Million Views In 1 Day!

Pink Photo: Glamour Magazine Ellen Von Unwerth

Pink's "True Love" video featuring Lily Allen has already racked up 1.2 million views in one day!

The video features the pop singer with her husband Carey Hart and their daughter while on tour and talking bout he can be such an "A-hole" but she is still there so it must be true love.

Keep in mind, the couple almost divorced years ago but has stayed together.

Although the video is nothing groundbreaking, Pink knows better than to just sit there and to integrate clips from her live shows.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Anyone still need their "A-hole"?


Pink Tells Naysayer Fans To “Kiss My A–!”

Pink  Photo: Billboard.com

Pink had to cancel a show in Birmingham, England a few weeks ago and the fans who were set to attend are upset about it, letting the singer know but in a nasty way.

Pink snapped back, posting on her blog this message;

I sincerely apologize, AGAIN, for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Sincerely. I actually rode by the venue, and saw some of you in line, and there was not a f--king thing I could do about any of it. Except cry. My heart was absolutely broken."

"I am getting a lot of hate mail from some of you, not all. But to those of you that expect and feel entitled to perfection; have a look at my track record—please—in general for tours past. I have an incredible record. I do not cancel and I do not take it for granted how much trouble people go to—from spending hard earned money they don't have, to travel expenses and time and planning, etc. I take NONE of it for granted, EVER. "

"I am a human being, therefore I am able to catch illness. It is beyond my control—and I can't apologize for that. And you know what I've been performing through the last week? ROTA virus. Look it up. I challenge any one of you to do what I do while sick with that. You couldn't do it."

"For my loyal and understanding fans, I'm so sorry if I've hurt you in any way. For the rest of you—kindly kiss my entire almost back to healthy a--."

Hmm. They might like that Pink.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Blow me.....one last kiss...


Pink Talks About Her Marriage & Her Daughter Cursing

Pink Photo: Glamour Magazine Ellen Von Unwerth

Pink is on the June cover of Glamour Magazine where she talks about reconciling with her husband Carey Hart and her daughter cursing.

On Carey:

"Long-term relationships are an everyday choice. It's harder to be in a marriage than it is to bounce from one relationship to the next. We're good because we communicate and we've grown up together, not because we don't fight."

On her worst day as a parent:

"When I was at iHeartRadio [music festival] in Vegas Carey was at a truck race or something. Willow and I were at the pool, and I was taking her to nap time. She was walking just a foot in front of me. And she trips and falls and gets a concussion. She passed out. Cut to an ambulance and fire truck. And a CAT scan. She was about a year old. That was the worst day of my life. And what do they say? 'Kids fall' Welcome to parenthood. I thought, I can't handle this. I'm fitting her for a bubble."

On her daughter cursing:

"Willow said, 'f***in' hi,' the other day. I'm like, 'F***!'"

I'm sure other parents can relate to the last 2 things Pink had to say. Why do I think she is still a kick-ass mom?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Give Me A Reason....


Faith Hill No Longer “Sunday Night Football” Girl

Faith Hill Photo: NBC Sports

Faith Hill will no longer be singing the "Sunday Night Football" song for the NFL or NBC, the singer has announced.

Faith Hill tweeted “Amazing 2 have been part of SNF – an honor. I’ve just let everyone there know it’s time 2 let someone else rock the open,"

“Difficult decision. Kinda emotional. Love all u guys at SNF – I’ll b watching!!!”

Faith Hill has sang the song for the past 6 years after NBC had P!nk do the exact same song for a year before giving it to Faith.

I'm sad to see Faith go because it was good way to get the game started. The question is now who will be the one singing the song?

Will they get Pink back or will it be someone else? I'm hoping a female to be honest. After 20+ years of Hank Williams Jr. doing the "Monday Night Football" song before he put his foot in his mouth and Faith's being a breath of fresh air, it would be smart to stick to a woman.

So who do U think should replace Faith?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Won't be the same...will it?


Video: Pink Stops Concert Over A Fight That Leaves Child Crying

Pink  Photo: Billboard.com

Pink was in her hometown of Philadelphia performing an acoustic version of "Who knew" where she stopped the song as she saw a crying girl in the audience. Pink asked if everything was OK and found out the reason why the child was crying was over fans fighting in front of her at the show.

Pink offered the girl a Rice Krispie treat as fans passed her up front to get the gift from the pop singer which stopped the girl from crying as Pink gave the fans a tongue lashing over the fighting.

She then restarted "Who Knew" over again without incident.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Who Knew...the power of Rice Krispie Treats?


VIDEO: P!nk “Just Give Me A Reason” With Nick Ruess Of FUN. Is Beautifully Perfect

P!nk & Nate Ruess of FUN. Photo Cap By Idolator.Com

P!nk's "Truth About Love" was one of the few great albums of 2012. With the video "Just Give Me A Reason" featuring Nick Ruess of FUN., P!nk shows she is about to have an impact on 2013.

The video shows her real life husband Corey Hart playing the veteran's LOVE interest in the video.

We can give you a million reasons why we LOVE this video. It is nice to see a real life couple in a video such as this. Nick fully compliments P!nk with their vocals and they blend with perfection.

This song came on my Ipod last Sunday and was hoping it would be released as a single with a video. I don't listen to radio but I knew more people needed to be reached with this song. Glad to see it happen.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Wonder how many girls are wanting the teddy bear....?