Playboy Cover

Bruno Mars Appears On Cover Of Playboy

Bruno Mars. Photo:

Bruno Mars is only one of 10 men that have appeared on the cover of Playboy. The pop singer is on the cover of the magazine for its music issue. Bruno is the focus of the Playboy interview and talked about who inspired him growing up: “Growing up in the showbiz world, I looked up […]

You, Me, & Ashley Dupre On The Cover Of Playboy

Ashley Dupre. Photo:

We have a feeling none of the girls that Tiger Woods or Jesse James cheated with would be gracing the cover of Playboy.  Which may prove that being the Governor of New York gets you better looking women, even if you have to pay for it. Ashley Dupre, the high-priced call girl, or escort, or […]

Aubrey O’Day’s Playboy Cover; Photo-Shopolicious

Here is Aubrey O’Day’s Playboy cover.  Man could it be any more photo-shopped? Talk about major disapointment.  I got out of bed for this?  Seriously?  Man, the photos articles  inside better make it worth it.-Dr.FB