Video Performance: Katy Perry Performs “Roar” On X Factor UK!

Katy Perry Roar Video StillX!

Katy Perry performed "Roar" on The X Factor UK Last night as her "Prism" album dropped on Friday in the UK. The U.S. release is set for this Tuesday.

Surrounded by business women and men wearing white sheets to cover their face made us wonder when they were going to disrobe their suits and sheets. That finally happens around the 3:30 mark.

I preferred the set used for her SNL performance of the song but like that she did change sets and tried to keep things fresh and different.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Will "Prism" roar to the highest numbers of the year this week?


Katy Perry Billboard Cover Story: “I’m Just Masquerading As A Pop Star”

Katy Perry Photo: Billboard.com

Katy Perry is the Billboard cover story 2 weeks after her song "Roar" was bumped out of the top spot. With "Roar" she tied Rihanna with nine number one songs.

"Honestly, I'm just masquerading as a pop star."-Katy Perry

"I am exhausting so much energy right now," Perry exclaims between bites of Cheez-Its -- furtive bites, because eating Cheez-Its is breaking training. "For eight days straight, I've been conditioning -- just going, going, going at the height of my physical capabilities. I'm supposed to eat meals every two hours, but it takes me an hour to think of what I want to eat, so by lunchtime, I'm starving. I'm just so hungry all the time."

For more on the Billboard cover story and Barbara Walters throwing her shade, click here!


New Katy Perry Taste “Dark Horse” Featuring Juicy J! Listen Now!

Katy Perry. Photo: New York Magazine

Katy Perry has released "Dark House" featuring Juicy J. and it is vastly different than her latest single "Roar" which is sitting pretty at number 1 for the past few weeks.

"Dark Horse" will be on Katy's new album "Prism due in stores October 22nd.

Although Katy has put "Dark Horse" out, she is stating it is not the new single. She is calling them "tastes" to enjoy!

To listen to Katy Perry's latest "taste" click here!


Katy Perry Previews New Single “#Roar”! Watch Now!

Katy Perry Photo:  GettyImages.com

Katy Perry has just released a preview of "Roar" her new single from her "Prism" album which is set to be released on October 22nd!

Are you ready?

Here it is!


No. Just....no. I wanted something longer.

Katy fans will be eating it up. The burning of the purple/blue wig will let many to read into it that maybe she is about to show a more adult side and will get people talking. I guess I was hoping to actually hear a new song.

"Roar" will be released in full on August 12th.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Our expectations were too high. Not anymore. That might be a good thing.....


Katy Perry Unveils New Album Name & Release Date Via Gold Semi

Katy Perry Prism Photo: Instagram

So is announcing your new album name and release date on a gold semi a great marketing strategy or an odd one?

Katy Perry's new album will be entitled "Prism" and will be released on October 22nd.

Katy Perry tweeted this after photos started popping up online:


Diagnosis: Katy Perry has 40 million followers but how many will buy "Prism" the week it comes out? If her fans are devoted as I think they are, this album could sell around a million the first week, which has not been done by anyone this year. Sorry Jay Z, that Samsung deal doesn't count.