Private Show

Van Halen Not So Secret L.A. Show Tonight

Van Halen has a not so secret gig at the L.A. Forum tonight.  Full dress rehearsal for upcoming tour. It seems the show is for friends and family only. The band played a private show at the Jim Henson studios last week. We will keep you updated on any other info about this show…..-DocFB

Lenny Kravitz Terminal 5 Set List For Secret Show

Lenny Kravitz Terminal 5 Set List

Here is the set list from Lenny Kravitz’s New York Terminal 5 set list.  We hear the show was amazing.  It was a private show filled with mostly contest winners and people in the know. Some professional footage of that would be awesome.  Don’t forget to get the deluxe edition of “Black & White America” at […]