Lenny Kravitz Terminal 5 Set List For Secret Show

Lenny Kravitz Terminal 5 Set List
Lenny Kravitz Terminal 5 Set List

Lenny Kravitz Terminal 5 Set List

Here is the set list from Lenny Kravitz's New York Terminal 5 set list.  We hear the show was amazing.  It was a private show filled with mostly contest winners and people in the know.

Some professional footage of that would be awesome.  Don't forget to get the deluxe edition of "Black & White America" at Target now.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  No "I Belong To You" Eh LK?

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  1. Amazing show! My first time watching Lenny Kravitz perform and he killed it! I wonder why “Superlove” sounds different on Black and White America compared to an earlier version that was recorded, which I happen to like and has a more rock beat to it.

  2. The show was AMAZING!!!

  3. oh and before he came on the dj played all mj and prince back to back!

  4. it was amazing!!! lenny even spontaneously crowd surfed during the encore. all around amazing performance. i dont have professional footage but def have some good photos and vids as we were allowed to take:)

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