Rachel Uchitel

With Tiger Woods Divorce Final, How Soon Til Tiger Hooks Up?

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren’s marriage is over and done.  The divorce was made final with Elin rumored to be getting $100 million along with each splitting custody of the children and requesting privacy.  With the divorce final, we wonder when we will see Tiger hanging around old haunts or old girlfriends.  Rachel Uchitel has […]

Former Spitzer Call Girl Ashley Gets Advice Column

Former hooker…you can call her a call girl if you want but that is just a clean version for hooker….so…former hooker Ashley Dupree is now an advice columnist for the NY Post.   You remember her as the person who took out Elliot Spitzer. She is already asking questions about daughters getting in trouble and if […]

Tiger Beat: Another Endorsment Deal Gone

Here is your Tiger beat for 12/14/2009 Elin Nordegren, Tiger’s actual wife if you remember, was spotted in Florida this weekend no longer wearing her wedding ring. Tiger Woods has been dropped by Gillette for the time being but not fully.  Perhaps trying to make sure that he does somehow pull a Kobe Bryant and is […]

Tiger Beat: Lions, Tigers, & Hookers? Oh My!

Since there is so much Tiger Woods info coming out each day and it is hard for people to get all of the news, what we are going to start doing is giving you daily updates about twice a day with Tiger so you can get the info you want. A Madam is saying 2 […]

Tiger Woods Mistress #1 Taking STD Tests

Rachel Uchitel, mistress number 1 of Tiger Woods will be taking STD tests as she did not know Tiger was having sex with so many women, including to adult film stars. We wonder if Tiger’s wife  Elin Nordegren has been tested for anything or if they have even been sleeping together at all recently.-Dr.FB