Tiger Woods Mistress #1 Taking STD Tests

Tiger Woods File Photo
Tiger Woods File Photo

Tiger Woods File Photo

Rachel Uchitel, mistress number 1 of Tiger Woods will be taking STD tests as she did not know Tiger was having sex with so many women, including to adult film stars.

We wonder if Tiger's wife  Elin Nordegren has been tested for anything or if they have even been sleeping together at all recently.-Dr.FB

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  1. Probably a good idea to have STD testing done, but more importantly Tiger better get tested. She can’t have what he can’t give her, unless of course she has her own reasons to test.

  2. Mistress makes me mindblowed!

  3. Dominant girls like this one are just the best stress relief ever! More to come?

  4. I love this posts . Post more and thanks to all the mistress!

  5. Hello,

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  6. the funny thing is that most people never even consider this

  7. OOOOHHHH Somebody didnt use protection, tho you can get a std even if u dont have sex. Tiger is Stupid! With a capital S. I cant look at him the same anymore, i thought he has his stuff together. He is a straight up mess! I feel sorry for his wife just like i felt sorry for Colbys wife and all the other wives of celebrities that are only as faithful as their options. Accountabiliy and resisting of tempation, now guys, is that really so hard?????

  8. Somethings afoot about this whole story.

  9. let me get this str8… the mistress is taking an std test cause she didn’t know he was sleeping with so many others? regardless of how many others he supposedly been sleeping with, including 2 porn stars, the mistress knew he could’ve been sleeping with one for certain, HIS WIFE!

    surely the mistress isn’t expecting someone to feel sorry for her? surely the mistress must’ve thought that one hoe, two hoes… three? if a dude can sleep around on his wife, surely the mistress must have had a thought he could be sleeping around with others…. once again for certain his wife, now she’s concerned about stds?

    ridiculous to all involved.

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