Behind The Scenes With Travis Barker & Wu Tang Clan “Carry It” Watch Now!

I don't know if it is a grammy award winning collaboration as they say in the video but it's raw and I like it.

Travis Barker is back and he is bringing along Wu-Tang swordsmen RZA and Raekwon as well as Rage Against The Machine guitarist, Tom Morello.

Sounds interesting, doesn't it?  Check out the behind the scenes footage now and check back her soon for even more.-Dr.FB


Funk It Or Dunk It? Cypress Hill It Ain’t Nothin

Remember Cypress Hill? You know that song "Insane In The Brain" and you loved it.  Well, they are back with a new song and new CD.

The new CD is entitled "Rise Up" and is the group's first since 2004.   The new song "It Ain't Nothin'" features Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello. 

So, it is up to you all.  Will Cypress Hill comeback to the masses and funk it or will they stay with the cult following as you dunk it? 

The choice is yours, not mine.-Dr.FB

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Rage Against Simon Cowell

Rage. File Photo
Rage. File Photo

Rage. File Photo

Rage Against The Machine raged against Simon Cowell and won.  They wanted fans to download their 1992 song "Killing In The Name" to block X Factor for having the number one song for the 5th straight year in a row by the winner of the show.

The song reached number 1 on downloads only, which is a first in the UK.  Rage promises a free concert as a victory party. They also raised money for charity in their efforts.

Did any of our UK readers take part in this?  Wonder how tight Simon's sweater is today.-Dr.FB