Top 5 Searches on Drfunkenberry.com This Week


1. Patrick Swayze

2. drfunkenberry.com/dr. funkenberry

3. reality star kills girlfriend

4. Madonna Celebration

5. Michael Jackson

Patrick Swayze is the number 1 search where aside from the end of June and start of July, it was Michael Jackson. It is interesting to me that he is one of our top searches always  but his posts never get any comments.

For the first time in the site's existence, drfunkenberry is showing up in searches.  There is a big reason for that and I am going to share that with you soon.

The reality star kills girlfriend is one of the most shocking stories of the year and saddest.

Even tho we have not been supportive of Madonna's latest video "Celebration" you guys are finding us searching for it.

With Michael Jackson's autopsy report, he stays in the top 5 searches for over 2 months.-Dr.FZB