Green Day Gives Us A View At First Day Back In The Studio

Green Day is back in the studio working on a new album. They provided a brief clip of them recording on the first day back.

The band has been working on new material for the better half of a year. They included a song called "Amy" about Amy Winehouse in a few California secret shows last year. No word yet on if that song will be on this album, although how could it not?

So, here is a very, very brief clip of Green Day in the studio and welcome more footage as it becomes available.....-DocFB


Breaking: No Doubt Delays New Album Til 2012

No Doubt Promotional Photo

No Doubt Promotional Photo

No New No Doubt in 2011.  No Doubt just released an official statement via NoDoubt.com that the album is just not ready yet.

The statement from the entire band reads:

Dear Friends,
We've been incommunicado for the past few weeks so we wanted to reach out and say hi.  Work on the new No Doubt album is well underway and we can't wait to share it with you.  The past twelve months have been eventful; we performed for Paul McCartney and President Obama at the Kennedy Center Honors, three beautiful new No Doubt babies were born, and we've recorded in studios all over Los Angeles.  Ideally our new record would be coming out this year but it's just not ready yet. We don't want to rush this album just to get it out.  This collection of songs means everything to us and our only priority right now is to make sure that it's the best album we can possibly make.  There is still more work for us to do...

We love our fans and are doing this for your ears and want you to know how much we appreciate your patience and support.

PS. There have been some stories circulating about us collaborating with outside producers and artists.  Please don't believe anything you hear unless it comes from us.

Wow!  I was really hoping we would get a taste of some new No Doubt but I guess not.  We understand that the new record is not ready n don't want to rush the recording process.  Sigh.

We will just have to wait patiently and hope 2012 will bring us some new No Doubt!-DocFB

Diagnosis:  I Guess It Is Worse For Justin Timberlake Fans, Right?


Video: Lenny Kravitz Records “Everything” For Upcoming CD


Lenny Kravitz returned to his studio in the Bahamas to record "Everything" which we are told is the final track for his "Black & White America" CD due for release sometime this year.

Video footage of him recording "Everything" was taken by Mathieu Bitton for his Candy Tangerine Productions.  The clips show Lenny being the multi-instrumentalist that he is.  Loving him playing drums barefoot and smoking the hookah. 

Check out the video above and let us know what you think of "Everything" by Lenny Kravitz.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Everything Is Everything


Name That Mystery Celeb! Mall Edition!

Mystery Girl. Photo: INFDaily.com
Mystery Girl. Photo: INFDaily.com

Mystery Girl. Photo: INFDaily.com

Can you name this mystery celeb who was at the Topanga Mall in the San Fernando Valley Tuesday afternoon?

We will give you one hint; she will be the subject of a special episode of Glee soon. 

Want to find out who it is?  Take the jump with us.....


Lenny Kravitz Back In The Studio; Shares Album And Tour Plans

Here is footage of Lenny Kravitz recording his new CD in the studio.  Looks like the album title may change. 

It also looks like it will be coming out Spring 2011 with a tour to follow in the summer.

Check out the footage above.-Dr.FB


Watch Out Gaga! Britney Spears Starts Work On A New Record

Britney Spears. Photo: Ginsburgspalyinc.com

Britney Spears. Photo: Ginsburgspalyinc.com

Britney Spears has started work on a new CD earlier this week and was spotted heading into a studio in Studio City yesterday.

We were wondering when Britney was going to get started on a new CD and if she will get the same scrutiny that Christina Aguilera has been getting being compared to Lady Gaga. 

Britney Spears passed on "Telephone" and Lady Gaga picked it up.  So, Britney's scraps were Gaga's hits.

I felt that may have been the reason that Brit Brit has been laying low but it seems the time may be right to drop some new music on us. 

Lip synching aside, are you ready for the return of Britney Spears?-Dr.FB


Behind The Scenes With Sheryl Crow & Doyle Bromhall II & Justin Stanley!!

I Love Sheryl Crow.   I just flipped my lid when I found out who was working with her; Doyle Bramhall II and Justin Stanley, who is married to another one of my fav female artists, Nikka Costa!!!!

Doyle is one of the most underrated guitarists of our time.  I have seen him jam in a small club with musicians  and recent Emmy Nominee's Lisa Coleman & Wendy Melvoin (Doyle is married to Susannah Melvoin, Wendy's sister) and his guitar playing is great. 

Justin Stanley has all of my respect.  His work with Nikka Costa has been one of my favorites, and I love his production with her.  To see Sheryl, Doyle, and Justin together, well it has me wanting to hear all of Sheryl's CD real soon!  Check out the clips above n below of them working on tracks together.-Dr.FB