David Letterman Blackmailer Deep In Debt

David Letterman File Photo
David Letterman File Photo

David Letterman File Photo

David Letterman, who was involved in a blackmailing scheme for $2 Million dollars by Robert Halderman was deep in debt as he went after Letterman.

The person in question is Holly Hester who told Halderman she had an affair with Letterman back in the 90's.  There is a question that this whole affair thing being brought to light and that he does get it on will tarnish his viewership with women.

Who writes that crap? It is not going to effect his viewership.  I am sure they wanted to say will it effect him getting female movie stars but since so many people have defended Roman Polanski in Hollywood, they knew that Dave's thing was nothing and is between the wife he has now, the woman he had the affair with and the person who is blackmailing Letterman.

Trust me, Conan O'Brien right now would kill for this type of press.-Dr.FB


Video: David Letterman Being Blackmailed For Sex With Employees

David Letterman admitted he does "terrible things" included having sex with employees and he was being blackmailed for it for the sum of $ 2 Million dollars.

Now, I know what you are thinking; Conan O'Brien is behind it. We kid we kid. It was a reporter for the show 48 Hours back in the day on CBS.  His name is Robert Halderman.

No word on when these indescretions took place. Letterman did marry his girlfriend of 23 years last march, who worked for Dave.

What do you think of this and Dave's honesty after getting blackmailed?-Dr.FB