Rock Of Love

Bret Michaels To Have Open Heart Surgery

Bret Michaels File Photo

Bret Michaels is scheduled to have open heart surgery today in Arizona.  Michaels knew last year he was to have this surgery after all of the health problems he had. Bret is scheduled to marry his longtime girlfriend who is also the mother to his child.  Despite all the “Rock Of Love’s” it was down […]

VH-1 Pulls I Love Money Over Reality Star Murder?

VH-1 not only had to pull “Megan Wants  A Millionaire” because of murderer Ryan Jenkins being on the show, but it has now pulled “I Love Money 3” and it will not air because Ryan was on it, but also may have won the whole contest. VH-1 is not yet confirming it but a star on […]

Photos Of Bret Michaels After Tony Awards

In case you might have missed it, Bret Michaels almost got decapatated last Sunday at the Tony Awards.  We still aren’t certain why Bret & the boys from Poison were there but yea. We almost thought it was a punk like Bruno & Eminem. Bret took to his Facebook to show his injuries from the […]

Rock Of Love’s Destiney Is Pregnant

  Destiney Moore from Rock Of Love is pregnant.  Rest easy, it’s not Bret Michaels. Destiney Moore appeared on Rock of Love season 2 looking for love and was sent home but did make it to the final four.  She has appeared on other reality shows since then, usually being the nice girl she is […]