More Info on Prince’s Oscar Party; Bria Video

So we are hearing from different sources that Prince's Oscar party may not be at his house, but at a smallclub in L.A.

Here is the catch; as of right now and this CAN change, if fans can figure out where the event is , they will be able to get in for FREE. 

Again, this can change but it is what we are hearing right now. Don't shoot the messenger!!!! Just trying to help you guys out as usual.

 Several media outlets have been contacted and PR firms, so the info is getting leaked heavily that Rogers & Cowan has been contacted to throw the event.

Also on a related side note, we hear that Bria Valente shot a video for her upcoming CD "Elixer" produced by Prince.  We do not know the song title as of yet, but it was a beautiful day in Malibu so hopefully the video will reflect that.-Dr.FB