More Info on Prince’s Oscar Party; Bria Video

So we are hearing from different sources that Prince's Oscar party may not be at his house, but at a smallclub in L.A.

Here is the catch; as of right now and this CAN change, if fans can figure out where the event is , they will be able to get in for FREE. 

Again, this can change but it is what we are hearing right now. Don't shoot the messenger!!!! Just trying to help you guys out as usual.

 Several media outlets have been contacted and PR firms, so the info is getting leaked heavily that Rogers & Cowan has been contacted to throw the event.

Also on a related side note, we hear that Bria Valente shot a video for her upcoming CD "Elixer" produced by Prince.  We do not know the song title as of yet, but it was a beautiful day in Malibu so hopefully the video will reflect that.-Dr.FB

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  1. should be lame as usual

  2. Actually, Dr. FB, you deserve to be the one chosen for a free ticket, then you can fill us in on how the party turned out.

  3. I have a couple guesses as to where the FUNk will be on Oscar night. Catalina jazz club? the Roxy? how about le deux? yo P, can u drop us a hint my brutha?

  4. Thanks Doc!

  5. Yes Doc. For all u do and put up with, u definitely deserve an invitation to this party.

  6. It should be GREAT FUN. I hope that the Dr. himself gets an invite. Too bad I don’t live in California. Have fun all that get to have the experience. Looking forward to some great reviews then…hint, hint.;o)

  7. any clues as to where! I want to go with my wife!

  8. Wow, I am so jealous of California fans right now.

  9. Hey Dr. Funkenberry –

    Thanks for all the updates.
    You deserve an invitation to Prince’s party :)

  10. exciting….. :)

  11. I entered my email twice on Lotusflo3r I hope that makes me twice as lucky…..maybe I will win

  12. Bria Video???
    Let there be a livestream :-)

  13. I will definitely be there if I can figure it out where….I live here in sunny cali

  14. great news!
    thanks Dr. FB !

  15. thanx 4 all the info, dr.
    if anybody is also interested in all the latest news and dates of P.FUNK, go to myfunk.com —> heavily recommended
    supergroovalsticprosifunxtacationally (^.*)

  16. Wow this news gets better and better. I hope a lot of California Prince fans are able to see the man for free. Thanks for the info Doc and keep on doing what you’re doing. I appreciate it and many fans of this site appreciate you and the work you’ve put into this site too. You ROCK!!!!

  17. Cant wait so see the concert…. it’ll be cool so see celebs dancing and groovin to Prince

  18. How cool 4 fans..

    Thanx Doc

    Peace and <3

  19. It will be a fun event – lucky crowd whoever gets to go!
    A live web stream would be very nice. I’m so excited that he’s thinking along these lines?…

  20. Wow!!!

    Thanks FB!!

  21. whoo hoo this is great news hope the plans dont change and we will be able to find out were the party is

  22. I’m sure the video is going to be great.
    (sigh.. the party…)

  23. Thanx for all the news… updates… rumors… gossip… whatever. Don’t let a few deviants ruin the funk. The overwhelming majority of us appreciate what you do.

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