Kanye West Disrespects Prince’s Crew; Kicks Them Off His Stage

Kanye West & Prince
Kanye West & Prince

Kanye West & Prince

Less than 24 hours after Kanye West took the stage with Prince & The NPG, and as graceful as Prince's people were to treat Kanye with respect, Kanye did the exact opposite to Prince's crew the next night.  We were told this news EXCLUSIVELY!

We were first told about this incident last night by a few people who attended Kanye's concert last night and even a crew member.  Members of the NPG, including singer Shelby J. were invited to attend Kanye's concert after Kanye rocked the stage with the Prince & The NPG the night before.  The NPG were sat by the stage by Kanye's people before the show.

Early during the show with Kanye on stage, Kanye told something to his DJ and told the NPG to leave.  Now, we can confirm Kanye himself invited the NPG himself to his concert, so why did he do that to them?  It comes off as he treated them rudely while the night before, Prince's people were showing Kanye nothing but love and hospitality to the rap star and his entire posse.  They even broke out champagne for Kanye and his people per his request.

While attending the show, he was even invited to perform with Prince as you can see in the video posted here.   Mr. West was in the building and got major love.

The NPG felt so disrespected by Kanye that they left 5 minutes into the show!  We reached out to Prince's camp but have not heard anything back from them yet.

It sucks to hear that they gave Kanye the VIP treatment at the Prince show, making sure all his demands were taken care of, and then the next night, in return, Prince's crew was treated like Taylor Swift at the Video Music Awards.  How embarrassing for them.

So Mr. West, you going to runaway from this?-Dr.FB

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