Kanye West Disrespects Prince’s Crew; Kicks Them Off His Stage

Kanye West & Prince
Kanye West & Prince

Kanye West & Prince

Less than 24 hours after Kanye West took the stage with Prince & The NPG, and as graceful as Prince's people were to treat Kanye with respect, Kanye did the exact opposite to Prince's crew the next night.  We were told this news EXCLUSIVELY!

We were first told about this incident last night by a few people who attended Kanye's concert last night and even a crew member.  Members of the NPG, including singer Shelby J. were invited to attend Kanye's concert after Kanye rocked the stage with the Prince & The NPG the night before.  The NPG were sat by the stage by Kanye's people before the show.

Early during the show with Kanye on stage, Kanye told something to his DJ and told the NPG to leave.  Now, we can confirm Kanye himself invited the NPG himself to his concert, so why did he do that to them?  It comes off as he treated them rudely while the night before, Prince's people were showing Kanye nothing but love and hospitality to the rap star and his entire posse.  They even broke out champagne for Kanye and his people per his request.

While attending the show, he was even invited to perform with Prince as you can see in the video posted here.   Mr. West was in the building and got major love.

The NPG felt so disrespected by Kanye that they left 5 minutes into the show!  We reached out to Prince's camp but have not heard anything back from them yet.

It sucks to hear that they gave Kanye the VIP treatment at the Prince show, making sure all his demands were taken care of, and then the next night, in return, Prince's crew was treated like Taylor Swift at the Video Music Awards.  How embarrassing for them.

So Mr. West, you going to runaway from this?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Watching The Throne Alone

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  1. And that is exactly why he wont be relevant years down the road like prince is….what a douche

  2. Kanye West is a mouth-breathing moron.

  3. What a dude! Kill him with kindness NPG. Love is the only solution. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Life is too short and the devil is a defeated foe.

  4. Kanye sucks. He never deserved to share the stage with Prince. I don’t know why people like him.

  5. the NPG members are very nice people, very respectful.
    They don’t deserve such a treatment, not at all ;-(

  6. Is there any end to his twatness??

  7. Who the hell is Kanye, that He disrespects the NPG?

  8. Can someone please kick whiny kane in the neck now?

  9. I never liked Kanye. I like him even less now.
    He has a God complex or something. I mean really, how has he contributed to music, really.

  10. Still LOVE this pic. Both are nice really.
    Much Love

  11. No class.

  12. (correction) doesn’t kanye know Prince would put his heel in that butt…kanye is smelling himself..prince is true royalty and kanye is a hater riding on jay z scotrums…punk

  13. doesn’t kanye know would put his heel in the butt…kanye is smelling himself..prince is true royalty and kanye is a hater riding on jay z scotrums…punk

  14. I hate to say I told u so……so I won’t, at least until we hear the entire story from the NPG. Then I will tell ya, I told ya so…..sounds to me he just wanted to some attention.

    It may just b the NPG were doing their best not to laugh at the talentless turd and his pre-recorded elementary school level show. I would b suprised if this dummy knew the difference between a whole or half note. He is such a double drag looser.

  15. I shudder when I think of Prince of even sharing the stage with this wanna be “artist”.

  16. So the only way Kanye can get folks to pay him any attention is by “bad behavior”?
    Lord knows it isn’t for his incomparable rapping skills! Someone seriously needs a reality check and needs to be put in their place–That being KANYE! Anyone who feels like being civil to him should expect nothing better from him-PERIOD!Besides you shouldn’t expect much from a polished terd!

  17. Kanye is not fit to lick the dirt off of Prince’s high heeled shoes.

  18. if you tweet about this story make sure you @kanyewest so he sees it

  19. Don’t miss with “P” Kanye can never compare to Prince . Kanye is pure classless!!

  20. You say early in the show they were told to leave then said 5 minutes into the show they felt dissed and left. So did this transpire before kanye started the show? The timeline seems to be out of sync.

  21. Here’s one for the douchebags!

  22. Kanye will do whatever it takes to keep his name around.I was disappointed Prince even gave him time.
    He asked for no cursing on Lopez show then Kanye?

  23. Kanye is simply a stuck up little prick who is up his own arse, who the hell does he think he is, wanker..

  24. Prince is just as much as a dick-although not as blatant maybe.

  25. How dare he! That is DIS-RE-SPECT-FUL! He will never be as successful as our man Prince!

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