Russian Roulette

James Kenney Performs “Russian Roulette” By Rihanna On X Factor

I needed to hear more. James Kenney performed “Russian Roulette” by Rihanna on X Factor last night. Nicole Sherzinger picked a hard song but James was killing it…but to only hear a minute of it? Hard to judge. I think he made it but I needed more. Way too short. What do you think of his […]

Rihanna Drops New Song “Wait Your Turn”

Rihanna’s 2nd track from Rated R got “leaked” and it is more whack than Russian Roulette. Wowsa. The hook has Rihanna saying the “Wait Is Ova” but it has me saying  “I’ ll be like Tony Romo and pass” and wait for something else. We are talking music here, not stuff going on in her […]

Listen Now To Rihanna’s New Song “Russian Roulette”

Rihanna just dropped her new song “Russian Roulette” and it is cool. Not amazing, but cool.  I like the chorus but maybe Ne-Yo producing it, I can hear her trying to emulate him and could hear his style of how he would sing it. Doesn’t exactly work for Rihanna and maybe if she sang the […]