Samantha Ronson Arrested; Smirky Mug Shot Photo Released

Samantha Ronson Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Samantha Ronson Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com
Samantha Ronson was arrested yesterday for DUI outside Baker, California coming back from Las Vegas.  When getting booked and taking her mug shot, she just smirked.

Guess it is better than smiling or just standing there.  I don't know.  Hope I never get arrested and have to think about how I want to pose for my mug shot. 

She was only giving a field sobriety test and refused the breathalyzer test.  Her friends are saying that she has been acting weird lately.  Her brother, Mark Ronson, was the producer of Amy Winehouse's "Back To Black" CD and has called Amy his musical soul mate. 

We wonder if Samantha's problems may have been brought on by her and her brother's loss of the singer.  Samantha is also the ex-girlfriend of Lindsay Lohan. 

Regardless of the situation, we hope Sam is ok, smirk and all.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Should Have Given Us The Zohan Blue Steel Look


EXCLUSIVE! Behind The Scenes Footage Of Black Eyed Peas Party!

We got that "Boom Boom Pow" if you can "Meet Me Halfway" n keep it funky for the Doc.

We have an exclusive clip of the Black Eyed Peas performing at the SI/Sports Illustrated party for the Super Bowl last month.

The clip features David Guetta, Adam Levine, John Legend, Samantha Ronson, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino and more.

The Black Eyed Peas are set to rock the Kids Choice Awards where they are nominated for Favorite Music Group. The show will air April 2nd.

Check out the clip above and let me know what you think.-Dr.FB


Christina Aguilera: “Divorce Is Not Easy”

Christina Aguilera.
Christina Aguilera.

Christina Aguilera. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

A day after it was announced she was separation from Jordan Bratman, Christina Aguilera did an interview with Redbook.

Why was the interview done the day after?  Well, Christina has her movie "Burlesque" coming out with Cher later this year, so she went forward with promoting it.

"It's not easy, and there have been a lot of tears and sadness."

Christina also talks about the changes that are now happening in her life.

It's impossible to redefine yourself and your life overnight. Thankfully, I have my mom and a small group of close friends who are there for me 24/7 and whom I can trust and depend on. On days when it feels impossible to even get out of bed, much less function as a mother, their support and encouragement have kept me moving forward."

Nothing was brought up about the rumors of Christina hooking up with other females during the marriage. 

The only rumor being denied right now is that she had a relationship with Samantha Ronson, Lindsay Lohan's ex.  Both have denied a relationship between the two females.

I am sure we are a day away from Lindsay/Christina rumors.-Dr.FB


Lindsay Lohan And Sam Ronson Reunite: Thanks Joan Rivers!

Lindsay Lohan Sam splashnewsonline.com

Last night these two decided to reunite for some "good eats" before Lindsay

hits the slammer. They stepped out for a quiet dinner at Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills. I thought Sam was over the" Crazy Freckled Monster", but the original plastic barbie, Joan Rivers, decided to open her old, cold, fugg mouth and pulled a rant on Lohan via Twitter. None other than the beautiful Sam Ronson stepped in and attacked ol' Chia head!

Ronson Wrote:

"Hey Joan Rivers, you have collagen older than Lindsay, pick on someone your own age, oh wait, I guess people that old can't hear," she wrote.

Seriously, it's nice to see Sam show some compassion for her old flame, and Lindsay smile for

a minute.

To be continued......


Lindsay Lohan Makes Another Smart Decision. Ahem.

Lindsay Lohan. Photo: Twitpic.com
Lindsay Lohan. Photo: Twitpic.com

Lindsay Lohan. Photo: Twitpic.com

Lindsay Lohan is doing another photo shoot and this time, she posed with a gun to her mouth.  I think I remember her doing that one time before.

 This photo was posted late last night on Twitter and she may not have been able to party but one has to wonder when she will work again?

She got kicked out of a club last night by Samantha Ronson and insinuated without naming her that she may have been doing coke in the bathroom.

She was released from a movie role earlier this week because they do not feel she is bankable. 

No word if posing with a gun in your mouth will help you become more bankable, but she did it anyway.-Dr.FB


Lindsay Lohan Is Straight Bumming It

Lindsay Lohan. Photo: SplashNewsonline.com

Lindsay Lohan. Photo: SplashNewsonline.com

This is no way to dress if you are actually trying to impress or make your ex jealous.

Lindsay Lohan made her way into Bardot yesterday looking ragged.  If it was a normal person dressed like that, they would have thrown them off the parking lot instead of letting them in.

It seems Lohan went there to see her ex Samantha Ronson DJ.  Wow.  What happened to the day when the DJ's used to get the hottest girls and not the train wrecks?

Lindsay, whoever picked out that outfit for you last night, whatever fashion stylist said that looks good, fire them.  We have a feeling it was you, but trying to leave you with some dignity. 

Would you go dressed to a fancy nightclub in this attire?-Dr.FB


Justin & Jessica Attend Jay-Z Concert

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Together 11/08/09  Photo: Famepictures.com
Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Together 11/08/09  Photo: Famepictures.com

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Together 11/08/09 Photo: Famepictures.com

The couple that was rumored to break up months ago is still together and took in the Jay-Z concert. 

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel attended the Jay Z show at the Pauly Pavilion along with a beautiful Nicole Richie and Samantha Ronson and Jamie Foxx along with James Blunt.

From what we here, Jay-Z killed it and Samantha twittered that he brought NYC to LA. 

Back to Jessica and Justin still together, I love to say I told you so, sooooo I told you so.-Dr.FB