Santa Barbara

Is Katy Perry Engaged???????

Katy Perry performed at the Hollywood Palladium on Saturday and some friends were pointing out to me that Katy was wearing a ring on her…well…ring finger. I argued with them that it was to match her mic and outfit but they were like why is it on that finger of all fingers?  I had a […]

Dolphins Found Dead Off The Coast Of Santa Barbara

Five northern right whale dolphins where reported dead Friday on Santa Rosa Island, which is thirty-five miles southwest of Santa Barbara.  Rescuers were only able to locate four.  They will be analyzed to determine the cause of their death.  Northern right whale dolphins are usually six to ten feet long, and can weigh up to two-hundred and […]

As Of This Evening, Santa Barbara Fire Burns 196 Acres

  The Jesusita fire started around 1:50pm on Tuesday and quickly raced through San Roque Canyon.  It started to burn west of last year’s Tea Fire, which destroyed 2oo homes in Montecito.  As of this evening, Jesusita has burned 196 acres.  Let’s pray the winds don’t kick back in, this gives the firefighters a fair […]

Heather Locklear Charged With DUI For Previous Arrest

Heather’s Mug Shot. File Photo Heather Locklear was charged with a DUI for her arrest in Santa Barbara in September. It was for a prescribed medication and not actually alochol. No further info was available from Heather.-Dr.FB

Fires Raging In Southern California

Here we go again.  =-( Montecito, just south of Santa Barbara, is on fire.  Close to 100 homes have burned down.  It started at 6 P.M. last night and within hours it had burned 2,000 acres, just under 4 square miles.  We hope everyone is ok because it is still burning out of control.  Hope […]