September 11th

Stevie Wonder Makes Surprise Appearance At Wonderful; Talks About 9/11

Stevie Wonder made a surprise appearance at “Wonderful” last night in Los Angeles, a tribute night to him that is toured by Dj Spinna. Wonder saying and then talked about 9/11 and put it, well, wonderfully.  He also shares a story that he had with President Obama about 9/11 and also Steve Jobs and the […]

Will Jay-Z & 50 Cent Battle It Out On September 11th?

If the release dates stay the same, we will be seeing Jay-Z and 50 Cent release new CD’s on September 11th. The Kanye/50 battle was huge eith Kanye winning but in the end, 50 winning as well.  We are putting our money on Jay but expect more disses from 50 coming soon and then Jay-Z […]