Tiger Woods Checks Back Into Rehab?

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is reportedly back in sex rehab, this time in Arizona.  It appears that Tiger went there on Saturday with Elin and is expected to spend the week in sex addiction rehab. 

It is not expected that Elin will spend the entire week with him but did go there to support him.-Dr.FB


Tiger Woods Is Out Of Rehab

Tiger Woods. File Photo

Tiger Woods. File Photo

Tiger Woods has left sex addiction rehab in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  We hear he is heading back to Florida with his wife Elin. 

This will be the first time Tiger Woods will be seeing his kids in over a month.  As we reported yesterday, Tiger and Elin will be taking a private trip together to work on their marriage.   After that, Tiger will be back for the Masters in golf in April.

Listen, you can say what you want about Tiger cheating with 16-18 women and yes, that is a lot.  At least he was a real man and tried to work on his marriage.  Going to sex rehab and most likely marriage counseling after this, he is trying.  That is huge.  Yes, he should not have cheated in the first place with even one girl.  I am not overlooking that at all. 

Myself?  I can't imagine getting married and then boning 16-18 girls outside the marriage.  I am a grown man and if I ever get married, I want my woman in at least in 369 different ways and different outfits.  Shoot, even when I am in a relationship without a ring, I am not going to cheat.  But if the woman is not giving "the sex", then we might have a problem.

It doesn't mean I am going to be picking up every cheap cocktail waitress this side of Los Angeles in Las Vegas.  It just means the relationship will be over.  A marriage with children is different.  Because, that would lead me back to my wife every time.  Every. Time.

So, do you think what Tiger did was commendable or was just to save face?-Dr.FB


Tiger Woods Sex Rehab Stint Almost Over

Tiger Woods. File Photo

Tiger Woods. File Photo

Tiger Woods stint in sex rehab is almost over for the golf sports star.  Elin Nordegren, Tiger's wife is expected to pick Tiger up from the clinic in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

As we reported yesterday, Elin has fired her divorce lawyer.  When Tiger gets out, Elin and him will be taking a private trip to an undisclosed location.  He wants his life back and to be out of the public eye.

No word if being out of the public eye, means staying away for a longer period of time from Golf.

Do you believe sex addiction rehab works?-Dr.FB


Elin & Tiger Not Getting Divorced

Tiger Woods & Elin Nordegren. File Photo

Tiger Woods & Elin Nordegren. File Photo

For those that thought Elin & Tiger Woods would be divorced by Valentine's Day, think again. 

It is being reported that Elin fired her divorce lawyer after seeing Tiger in a sex addiction rehab clinic.  Elin is still not wearing her wedding ring but felt very happy after seeing Tiger and has not felt that way for a while.

That is nice to hear, and regardless of what we think, it is their marriage and we have nothing to do with it.  It's harder when children are involved, and I know you all are going to bring up the money.  But let me ask you this, even with how much money Tiger makes, would you stay with someone who slept and cheated on you with at least 16 women. 

Tiger, Tiger, Tiger.  Hold that Tiger.-Dr.FB