Tiger Woods Sex Rehab Stint Almost Over

Tiger Woods. File Photo

Tiger Woods. File Photo

Tiger Woods stint in sex rehab is almost over for the golf sports star.  Elin Nordegren, Tiger's wife is expected to pick Tiger up from the clinic in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

As we reported yesterday, Elin has fired her divorce lawyer.  When Tiger gets out, Elin and him will be taking a private trip to an undisclosed location.  He wants his life back and to be out of the public eye.

No word if being out of the public eye, means staying away for a longer period of time from Golf.

Do you believe sex addiction rehab works?-Dr.FB

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  1. I always thought that ex-addicts should stay away from what they were addicted 2! will b very difficult to stay away from women ;0p so i guess it is a nice gesture, but not sure if it will help tho

  2. I think Shalon is probably correct, however, in his situation, showing his wife he is willing to try something to make things better is probably a good thing. I have no idea if it works. Never read much about it, and never known anyone who has gone through it.

  3. He wasn’t addicted to sex. He was addicted to the women, the attention, the flirting and the ego boost.

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