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Jesse James Released From Rehab; Father Talks When He Shouldn’t

Jesse James.

Jesse James came out of sex rehab yesterday looking longer in the beard and…oh my…he was not wearing his wedding ring.  Guess not wearing a ring means divorce papers have been filed, right? Nothing has been filed yet, so read whatever you want about not wearing a wedding ring.  It’s not like he respected the […]

Surprise! Jesse James Checks Into Rehab

Jesse James and Sandra Bullock

Taking a page right out of the Tiger Woods book, Jesse James has checked into rehab for sex addiction it is being reported. Last Friday, when Jesse James was on his way to Arizona, where the rehab clinic is at, was pulled over for his tinted windows and not having a front license plate.  Jesse […]

Tiger Woods Checks Back Into Rehab?

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is reportedly back in sex rehab, this time in Arizona.  It appears that Tiger went there on Saturday with Elin and is expected to spend the week in sex addiction rehab.  It is not expected that Elin will spend the entire week with him but did go there to support him.-Dr.FB

Tiger & Elin Living Apart As Mistress Reveals Pregnant Secret

So much for everything going smooth for Tiger Woods after sex rehab.  It seems his wife Elin still cannot stand the sight of him at times. Right now, the couple is living in Florida but apart in seperate houses that are just miles apart in Orlando.  On Saturday night, he took the kids so she […]

Tiger Woods Is Out Of Rehab

Tiger Woods has left sex addiction rehab in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  We hear he is heading back to Florida with his wife Elin.  This will be the first time Tiger Woods will be seeing his kids in over a month.  As we reported yesterday, Tiger and Elin will be taking a private trip together to work […]