Lady Gaga Takes Her Time At Signing

As we reported yesterday, Lady Gaga did an in-store signing of her latest CD "Fame Monster" and Dr. Funkenberry Dr. Dre was there to introduce her.

There were hundreds upon hundreds of fans that showed up way early for this event and Best Buy got it under control shortly before they opened the store.  Gaga took care of the fans by feeding them pizza.

The event was supposed to be about 2 hours, just signing her CD for each person and moving on to the next.  Gaga did not do that. She signed each CD, posed for pictures, gave fans hugs and chilled there for several hours.

That is cool and I am sure she made fans for life last night.-Dr.FB


Lady Gaga Takes Care Of Her Fans

Lady GaGa @ Jet Wireimage
Lady GaGa @ Jet Wireimage

Lady GaGa @ Jet Wireimage

At 6 A.M. this morning, there was some "Bad Romance" outside a Best Buy store in Los Angeles where Lady Gaga was to do a signing for her "Fame Monster" CD.

Over a 100 people were already there and 2 lines were being made.  Some fans were there from 6 P.M. Sunday.  Best Buy was able to get things together, as the line got longer and longer. 

Lady Gaga heard about the line and how long some people were there and she decided to feed them.   We are told by people in line that Gaga ordered from a local Papa Johns pizza. 40 pizzas were delivered at 3 P.M. and another 40 at 6 P.M. 

Gaga tweeted "Sending all my little monsters little pizzas for waiting all night for me at best buy. I hope you're hungry...eat up I love u!"

TMZ is reporting the bill was about a $1,000.  See, that is cool.  You can knock Gaga or other celebs, but when they do stuff like that for the fans, I LOVE that.  The only thing cooler would be if she served them.  That is asking too much. 

Dr. Dre just showed up to introduce Lady Gaga. It is insane in there!

Here is hoping Gaga did not dress up like a big ol mushroom or some other random pizza topping for the event.-Dr.FB

Best Buy Lada Gaga Instore Madness.  Photo: Cherrytree Records

Best Buy Lada Gaga Instore Madness. Photo: Cherrytree Records


Meet Hereos Milo Ventimiglia & Others TodayToday

Milo Ventimiglia @ Collector's Paradise
Milo Ventimiglia @ Collector's Paradise

Milo Ventimiglia @ Collector's Paradise

Collector's Paradise has another VERY cool event happening today.
On Sunday, June 28th, from 12pm to 3pm, come down to Collector's Paradise in Canoga Park CA and meet the team from an amazing new Top Cow Comic Book, BERSERKER. Guests will include:

- Milo Ventimiglia (Peter Pitrelli on HEROES TV Show)
- Jeremy Haun (the artist of the book)
- Russ Cundiff ( co-producer of the book)

Issue #1 is released that Wednesday, and we will have plenty of copies in stock, as well as:

- FREE Berserker #0 (while supplies last) with any purchase of Berserker #1 or other Top Cow comic or graphic novels

- Berserker #0 Limited RAGE Edition (RARE) $10 or FREE with $50 purchase

- Berserker #1 Limited RAGE Edition (Exclusive to our store) $10 each

We will also have on hand copies of CHUCK TP by Jeremy Haun, as well as other books by him and Milo.

For more info, go to comicsandcards.net

7131 Winnetka Avenue, Winnetka, CA 91306

Edward, want to apologize for getting this out so late but the past few days have been extremely insane and I hope you understand.-Dr.FB 

Meet Green Day & Attend A FREE Live Show!

Green Day @ Hot Topic.  Promotional Photo: Warner Bros. & Hot Topic
Green Day @ Hot Topic.  Promotional Photo: Warner Bros. & Hot Topic

Green Day @ Hot Topic. Promotional Photo: Warner Bros. & Hot Topic

This news is not even on their official site and there is a pretty good chance you are hearing about it her first.

The Hot Pocket Topic at Hollywood & Highland has your chance to meet Green Day.  All you have to do is buy the CD and a special t-shirt for $30 bux and you can meet the band, while supplies last.  (Although after us just posting this, it might go faster than before.)

Also, we are about to blow the cover off of this; Green Day will be doing a secret (well, not anymore) concert at The Henry Ford Theatre on June 4th.  Tickets will be given away on KROQ and go on sale tomorrow thru ticketmaster

If that's not all, Green Day will be performing 5 nights in a row on the Carson Daly show late night.  We were scratching our heads about it as well but hear that Carson is a close friend to the band.  It would make more sense to do Jimmy Kimmel but hey, it's not like they are hurting for exposure.

Good luck getting to meet the band and getting into the no longersecret show.  Us?  We will be there just for you.-Dr.FB