Listen Now! Eminem Releases New Song “Survival”! New Album Due Out In Autumn!

Eminem & Skylar Grey Photo: Interscope Records

Eminem has just released his new song "Survival" in the trailer for the video game "Call of Duty: Ghosts."  The song features Skylar Grey.

There is gunfire and other video game noise over the track.

It was also announced and confirmed that Eminem will be releasing his 8th studio album in Autumn!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Will Kendrick Lamar call Eminem out? We don't think so!


Video Premiere! Skylar Grey Feat. EMINEM “C’Mon Let Me Ride”

Eminem & Skylar Grey Photo: Interscope Records

Here is the video premiere of Skylar Grey's "C'Mon Let's Ride" featuring EMINEM! She wants to ride your bicycle and we are sure she is not talking about a Schwinn!

This is the first single from Grey's Don’t Look Down, due Spring 2013 from KIDinaKORNER/Interscope.

The song and album is executive produced by 13 time(!) Grammy winner EMINEM and the video was shot in Em's hometown of Detroit in a trailer park nonetheless.

Grey talks about making the video with us:

“I hope people enjoy watching this video as much as I enjoyed making it,” said Grey. “For anyone who didn't already figure out how sarcastic the song is, the video certainly makes it clear. Em definitely brought his sense of humor to it and so did I. Take a close look at the scene where I’m wearing a very girly sexy polka-dot outfit because it’s not likely to happen again.”

Grey was featured on the mega-hit for Em and Rihanna entitled "Love The Way You Lie" and Dr. Dre's "I Need A Doctor" with Eminem as well. Those 2 songs globally sold over 25 million copies.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Guess "Total Recall" isn't the only one with a 3 boob woman now!


Skylar Grey To Join Bruno Mars On European Tour

Skylar Grey/Bruno Mars. photo: Popcrunch.com
Skylar Grey/Bruno Mars. photo: Popcrunch.com

Skylar Grey/Bruno Mars. photo: Popcrunch.com

Skylar Grey has been announced as Bruno Mars tourmate for his upcoming European Tour.

She will open for over a dozen dates for the "Just The Way You Are" singer.  Those dates include London on October 23rd as well as stops in Germany, Italy, Austria,
Switzerland, Germany, France and more.

Grey wrote "I Love The Way You Lie" by Rihanna and Eminem and sinfs on Diddy Dirty Money's "Coming Home" and last year's "I Need A Doctor" by Dr. Dre and Eminem.

Her latest single "Invisible" was just chosen as I-Tunes single of the week.  The album of the same name will be available in January 2012.

Janelle Monae opened for Bruno Mars on the U.S. Tour.

For the tour dates, continue reading below;


Video Premiere: Skylar Grey “Invisible”

"I take these pills to make me thin/I dye my hair and cut my skin"  are the opening lines to the new video "Invisible" by Skylar Grey.

They are lyrics that teenage girls are relating to more than you want to believe.  Grey is not emo by any stretch of the means but the new pop mantra.  You might think Demi Lovatto and Skyler are not in the same genre but they are, and speaking to the same audience.

Skylar had this to say about  the "Invisible" video, the title track from her alubm due in 2012.;

“I wanted it to be Peter Parker by day meets Spiderman by night.  An everyday kid who isn't really that cool but there's something else going on that people don't know about.  That's kind of the journey that I went on.  I discovered that my insecurities and my flaws were things that I actually need to embrace, and I let them become my superpowers.”

"Invisible" is powerful, not as powerful as Lovatto's "Skyscraper" but in the sense that inside of even the most confident girl or woman, they will feel a mess and invisible.

Check out the new clip by Skylar Grey and let us know what you think of the video and message.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  No Need To Take Those Pills, Dye Your Hair Or Cut Your Skin...


Video Premiere: “Dance Without You” Skylar Grey


Here is the new trippy video "Dance Without You" by Skylar Grey.  You should be familiar with Skylar for singing the hook to "I Need A Doctor" by Dr. Dre & Eminem from last year.

Not only is it trippy, some may find it disturbing, but the effects are kinda cool.   Check it out!-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Some May Need A Doctor After That Video


Video: Dr. Dre & Eminem “I Need A Doctor” Uncensored Extended

Here is the uncensored version of "I Need A Doctor" by Dr. Dre, Eminem & Skylar Grey.

Enjoy it in it's extended 8 minute glory.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Just What The Dr. Ordered


Skylar Grey: From Eminem To Dre To American Idol To Record Contract


Skylar Grey may sound familiar to you.  She sang the hook "To Love The Way You Lie" with Eminem at the Grammys last month and also sings the hook to "I Need A Doctor" the first track from Dr. Dre in almost 10 years. She has also recorded with Lupe Fiasco on his latest hit.

She was signed to Interscope Records last week and with that, also performed with Diddy Dirty Money on American Idol. 

Instead of that, we rather share with you Skylar's demo to "I Love The Way You Lie" as she is recording her debut album as we speak.

Skyar had this to say; "

"Getting to perform on television with Eminem and Dr. Dre still doesn’t feel real to me and now to perform with Diddy-Dirty Money in the course of a month is unreal,” said Grey.  “I'm really excited about the opportunity to perform on Idol.  It's incredible to have all of this leading into my album coming this year - I am so fortunate."

We are digging her vocals at the Dr.'s office and are looking forward to hearing more from her.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: One To Watch