Facebook: 750 Million & Growing



Wonder if Justin Timberlake and his Myspace peeps along with Google+ are about to do a spit check. On the news that just under 6 million people deleted their facebook page (Although you can't really delete it) they announced they have over 750 million people with Facebook pages. 

They are like the McDonald's of the Social Networks...although if Facebook was serving burgers, I actually might eat theirs.  It really is only a matter of time where it should just say "Facebook: Billions & Billions Served" as their tagline.

Mark Zuckerberg had this to say as they did not really want to release how many members they have:

"The metric of the last five years was about user growth. The driving narrative of the next five years is not about wiring up the world, but what cool stuff (apps) can you build with this wiring in place."

"We did not report 750 million because we do not believe it is the metric."

Interesting to say the least I must say.  Who doesn't have a Facebook page?  Seriously.  We want to hear from you.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Zuckerberg is A Genius                                                                                                                                          


Oh Lord! Justin Timberlake Is “Bringing MySpace Back?”

Justin Timberlake.  File Photo

Justin Timberlake. File Photo

We all stopped using Myspace a year or so ago, right?  Well, Justin Timberlake along with a few other investors just bought Myspace. 

Why?  Read The Rest Of This Entry......


Justin Timberlake Joins A Social Network

Justin Timberlake.  Photo: BauerGriffen.com
Justin Timberlake.  Photo: BauerGriffen.com

Justin Timberlake. Photo: BauerGriffen.com

All it took was a movie role to make Justin Timberlake shave.  Justin is filming his new movie "Social Network" in Los Angeles.

The movie is about Sean Parker, Co-Founder of Napster, the music file sharing service that changed the industry big time back in the late 90's.

No word if this movie will have the same affect on the movie industry.-Dr.FB