Hell Yea! Twilight Goes Lesbian For Guys

HA! The guys being interviewed to give their thoughts on the movie is priceless. We always see tween girls losing their shiz over the Twilight Saga, so why can’t grown men get in on it. Twilight for Lesbians…is for guys too. Check it out above and let me know if you would see it.-Dr.FB

“California Gays” Katy Perry Video Spoof

Did anyone hear this song on the beach over the weekend? I bet you did. But were guys posing like this to the song?   It’s a battle between New York and California and…who will win?  Check it out above.-Dr.FB

Saturday Night Live Prius Commercial “Weekend Getaway” Video~

SNL had a funny commercial spoof of the Prius and the break problems it has been having lately. It was technically for Ford, which made it even funnier. I wish the rest of the episode was as good as this commercial. Betty White can’t hose the show quick enough. Enjoy the commercial and let me […]