Slam! Lady Gaga’s Bodyguard Lays The Smackdown On Fan; Hamburglar Upset

This video is rather entertaining. We thought at first that the first girl we saw was Lady Gaga dressed rather normally. Nope. There she was wearing something close to what the Hamburglar would wear. Then, a fan, runs at her and her bodyguards throw the fool hard against the glass. The fan or autograph hound […]

Halle Berry Obtains Restraining Order Against Stalker

Halle Berry has a restraining order against her stalker.  It is a temporary one but she plans on getting a permanent one.  The stalker, Richard Franco went on Berry’s property 4 days in a row before being captured Monday evening. What did Halle say in the restraining order?  READ REST OF ENTRY>>

Halle Berry’s Stalker Has Criminal Past

Halle Berry. Photo:

Oh boy.  Halle Berry’s stalker just got out of jail before stalking the celebrity and has quite the criminal past.  Richard Franco, the man identified as being on Halle Berry’s property 3 times since Saturday, was just released for criminal battery. What other crimes has he committed in the past?  READ MORE

Halle Berry’s Stalker Caught At Her Home!!!!!!!!

Halle Berry Photo:

Halle Berry’s stalker returned to her home for a 3rd time on Monday night and this time, police were waiting for him! The stalker (Yet to be identified) as we reported jumped her wall twice over the weekend and the 3rd time was the charm.  This time, off-duty police officers acting as Halle’s private security, captured […]

Halle & Her Berry’s Being Stalked At Her House

Muhammad Ali & Halle Berry. Photo:

Halle Berry had to call the police not once but twice this weekend as she noticed someone on her property.  It is being reported one time, she saw him directly through the kitchen window.  It appears this stalker has hopped her wall to get to her. They think it might be an autograph seeker or […]