The Flaming Lips Release Lyric Video For “Sun Blows Up Today”

Flaming Lips Promo Photo

The Flaming Lips will be releasing their 13th studio alvum on April 2nd entitled "The Terror" and released a lyric video for "Sun Blows Up", a song that will NOT appear on the album.

Those who pre-order The Terror digitally beginning Jan 29th, through the iTunes Store or other participating digital retailers will receive "Sun Blows Up Today" as an Instant gratification, Non-Album, Bonus Track titled. This is the only way to get the new song by THE FLAMING LIPS.

If you're near a TV set this Sunday, Feb 3rd, watching the Super Bowl, you might just see a very cool TV commercial by Hyundai that stars none other than THE FLAMING LIPS and features the song, "Sun Blows Up Today". Don't miss it!!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Sounds very 80's.....

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New Madonna Super Bowl Commercial Released! Watch Now!

NBC has officially released this new teaser for the Super Bowl Half Time Show.  Unlike the original commercial, this actually features Madonna concert footage.

It features "Vogue", "Lucky Star" and "Music"  in the :29 second ad.  Come on!  You know she will be performing "4 Minutes" over "Vogue" but I can see "Music" and "Lucky Star" being in the performance.

Madonna still has yet to talk publicly on camera about the performance.  Madonna will be holding a press conference February 2nd where she will hopefully reveal more.  The press conference will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana, the site of the Super Bowl.

Although the commercial is brief, i do like that they used concert footage this time instead of old videos.  What do you think of the new ad?-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Seriously.....she has to do "4 Minutes"......


Live From New York….It’s Betty White!

Betty White.
Betty White.

Betty White. Photo: GettyImages.com

It's official!  Betty White will be hosting Saturday Night Live on May 8th.  

 It will be the Mother's Day episode and is already going to have 6 former female cast members on the show and we imagine a boatload of guest stars.   

She can thank A Facebook campaign that was kicked off after her Snickers Super Bowl commercial where she let herself be tackled. 

Betty was asked to host Saturday Night Live 3 times before and turned it down.  This time, her agent said he would divorce her if she didn't do it.  It was like do it now or when you are 95.

White, who is 85 is looking forward to the gig.  "It's lovely, and at my age it's certainly unexpected."  I've got so much energy, it's ridiculous. I love working. My schedule is a feverish one, and I'm used to that."

Ahhh.  The power of Facebook.-Dr.FB

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Oprah, Dave & Jay Surprise Super Bowl Audience

The Super Bowl had some pretty horrible commercials, where it seems advertisers forgot to entertain and at the most, make you laugh.

The biggest surprise, however, was the Late Show With David Letterman commercial which featured David Letterman, Oprah Winfrey and....Jay Leno?  Yup. 

Shortly after the commercial aired, Oprah revealed on her Twitter that the commercial was filmed in Dave's studio undercover with all 3 of them.

It was one of the shorter commercials but effective.  What do you think of the commercial?  Am I right that the commercials were hella lackluster this year?-Dr.FB