New Superman “Man Of Steel” 13 Minute Featurette Released! Watch Now!

A behind the scenes featurette of “Man Of Steel” the new Superman movie, has been released. They show you quite a lot, even how Henry Cavill wore the Superman outfit without showing underwear lines. N I here I thought Superheros were “free-balling” it. For the 13 minute preview click here…..

New Superman “Man Of Steel” Trailer Released! Watch Now!

Warner Bros. is rebooting the Superman movie franchise with “Man Of Steel” due in 2013 and it looks pretty cool. The trailer will be playing with The Hobbit and will be hitting theaters June 14th, 2013. So Kevin Costner plays Clark Kent’s dad on earth while Russell Crowe plays the father Jor-El of Kal-El aka […]

Superman Loses His Trunks & Lois Lane In Reboot

Superman Photo:

In case you haven’t heard, DC Comics is relaunching all 52 of their comic books with Issue # 1’s this September.  That means the first ever issue of Action Comics featuring Superman since 1938.  More than just a number’s change, there are changes to the DC characters, namely Superman.  A costume change and making him […]

Video Premiere: Joe Brooks “Superman”

“Superman” is a track by Joe Brooks and will be featured on his August 17th release Constellation Me. If you like “Superman” you can get the song for free by signing up for Joe’s newsletter HERE.  Let me know what you think of the song.-Dr.FB