New Superman “Man Of Steel” 13 Minute Featurette Released! Watch Now!

Superman Man Of Steel Photo: Empire Magazine

A behind the scenes featurette of "Man Of Steel" the new Superman movie, has been released.

They show you quite a lot, even how Henry Cavill wore the Superman outfit without showing underwear lines.

N I here I thought Superheros were "free-balling" it.

For the 13 minute preview click here.....


New Superman “Man Of Steel” Trailer Released! Watch Now!

Warner Bros. is rebooting the Superman movie franchise with "Man Of Steel" due in 2013 and it looks pretty cool.

The trailer will be playing with The Hobbit and will be hitting theaters June 14th, 2013.

So Kevin Costner plays Clark Kent's dad on earth while Russell Crowe plays the father Jor-El of Kal-El aka Clark Kent/Superman.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Will Superman be cool again?


Comic Book Retailers Upset With DC Comics Early Tease Of Superman/Wonder Woman Hook-Up!

DC Comics released a teaser a week ago showing Superman & Wonder Woman hooking up on the cover of Justice League issue #12 and comic retailers are NOT happy!

Usually the teasers are released on Tuesday, the day before releases. I figured, like many, a week in advance would build up hype for the issue. I went to 2 comic book stores in Los Angeles on Monday and talked to the owners.

I asked how many people were calling ahead to reserve their copies and he said not too many. Another store said the hype was too early and people have forgotten about the hook-up already. They are worried that sales this week will not be as high as DC is projecting.

I asked if they heard about DC releasing another leak and they said there was not going to be another push for it. Even the variant cover, an alternate cover that is made in a more limited run, does not feature Superman & Wonder Woman kissing, but features Batman and Aquaman. Wouldn't it had more sense to have a variant of Clark Kent and Diana Prince kissing in the same manner?

DC relaunched all its titles which they called "The New 52" last year to much fan-fair, eliminating the marriage of Clark Kent and Lois Lane along with many other story-lines across the DC Universe. It was an attempt to make DC relevant again and at the same time, copy Marvel Comics success with what they did to the "Spider-Man" title a few years ago where his marriage to Mary Jane Watson never happened.

If the retailers concern for the early leak of the Superman/Wonder Woman will transpire to lower sales, DC Comics just lost a huge chance to remain relevant.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Expecting John Byrne-like rants in 5...4....3....


Superman Loses His Trunks & Lois Lane In Reboot

Superman Photo: DCComics.com
Superman Photo: DCComics.com

Superman Photo: DCComics.com

In case you haven't heard, DC Comics is relaunching all 52 of their comic books with Issue # 1's this September.  That means the first ever issue of Action Comics featuring Superman since 1938.  More than just a number's change, there are changes to the DC characters, namely Superman.  A costume change and making him single again and not with Lois Lane. 

Also, Superman's adoptive parents, Jonathan & Martha Kent are dead.  It will focus more on his "Kryptonian" heritage more.  Gone are his red trunks as well.  It kind of looks like it is just sweats or what not without the red trunks. 

As for him no longer being with Lois Lane, that is expected in a reboot.  Making Superman single gives his alter ego Clark Kent more storylines, such as what Marvel Comics did with Spider-Man and his alter ego Peter Parker and his marriage to Mary Jane Watson as never happening. 

DC Comics is making drastic changes to its entire line, aside from Batman.  Dick Grayson took over the cowl from Bruce Wayne a couple of years ago when Bruce "died" but has not returned to the mask full-time. 

The New York Post was given the cover of Action Comics #1 this morning written by Grant Morrison.  It features a young Superman wearing the cape and blue jeans.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Look In The Sky, It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's A Guy....Not Wearing Any Underwear!

Superman Photo: DCComics.com & The NewYorkPost.com

Superman Photo: DCComics.com & The NewYorkPost.com



Video Premiere: Joe Brooks “Superman”

"Superman" is a track by Joe Brooks and will be featured on his August 17th release Constellation Me.

If you like "Superman" you can get the song for free by signing up for Joe's newsletter HERE.  Let me know what you think of the song.-Dr.FB


Video: “Eminem, Where You Been?”

Have you wondered where Eminem has been in the past 4 years? That question along with if Superman & Wonder Woman will ever get it on is answered..well..kind of answered on the last one.  Why don't you ever see superheroes use the bathroom?

Eminem went back to High School and he takes you with him.  Thoughts?-Dr.FB


Batman Being Sued By….Batman? Holy Lameness!

Photo Courtesy Hottopic.com
Photo Courtesy Hottopic.com

Photo Courtesy Hottopic.com

This is one of the most motarded (Something more than retarded) lawsuits of all time...seriously.

The mayor of a southeastern City in Turkey is suing Warner Bros, Christian Bale, and Christopher Nolan for royalties from "The Dark Knight".  The reason?  The city is named Batman.  Somewhere, the Joker is laughing. 

Huseyin Kalkan, the mayor of Batman, (not the comic, the city, Robin) had this to say:

"There is only one Batman in the world," Kalkan said. "The American producers used the name of our city without informing us."

Let's see... the first Batman big-screen movie blockbuster was made in 1989.  The classic Batman TV series  started in 1966.  The comic by Bob Kane debuted in 1939.  1939!  You guys are only 69 years late.  Could this have something to do with the last movie grossing over a billion dollars world-wide?  I'll bet my utility belt on it.

He is also trying to place the blame of unsolved murders and a high female suicide rate on the Caped Crusader of Gotham City.  They say they also have trouble doing business abroad because of the city's name. 

The mayor of Loonytown is attempting to gain evidence that the city's name predates Bob Kane's 1939 Batman debut.  Spider-Man and Superman, beware!  The crazy people could be after you next. 

Will Batman & DC win against this Joker of a mayor?

Will Batman have to change his name to Man-Bat or a Bat of a man?

Stay tuned!  Same Funkenberry website.  Same Doctor.-Dr.FB