Review: The Prince Panel Discussion With Touré, L.A. Reid & Susannah Melvoin

Prince Panel Photo: M.Sullivan WireImage.com

There was a Prince panel discussion at the Grammy Museum entitled "Who Is Prince Really" that had Touré’ L.A. Reid, and Susannah Melvoin on the panel. The panel was to have Alan Leeds as well but he was sick.

Susannah was a little late to the panel but the panel was starting late anyway. Tour'e was talking about his book "I Would Die 4 U: How Prince Became An Icon" on Prince and telling us how he came to the conclusion of Prince being an icon in a very tough time period for him to do so.

In came Susannah and the storytelling started.....

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Former Prince Proteges Fdeluxe Return To The Scene

The band formerly known as "The Family" returns after 25 years...and a name change.

Fdeluxe features Paul Peterson (St. Paul) Eric Leeds, Jellybean Johnson, and the lovely and talented Susannah Melvoin. They are the creation of the musical genius Prince.

Prince gave them top-notch songs such as "High Fashion", "Mutiny". "River Run Dry", the ultra funky "Screams Of Passion", and the classic "Nothing Compares 2 u" that Sinead O'Conner covered and made a career out of.

Their 2nd appearance ever, at an event called the Family Jamm in 2003, where I was lucky enough to attend, showed that the music was still fresh.

As Fdeluxe, they have put together an album entitled "Gaslight" which I will be reviewing hopefully before they perform at The Largo this Friday night in Los Angeles with Wendy Melvoin & Lisa Coleman, aka Wendy & Lisa.

There are some jams on that as well.  Although there was no input from the person that put them together in the first place, Prince would be proud.  He had an eye and ear for talent, and they possess it.

Last Friday, the band performed their 3rd show ever at The Loring Theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

It is easy to get nostalgic when you take about 25 years per album.  It makes it easier when you have people such as Questlove producing and working with you.

The one thing I cannot stress enough is, when you have talent like this group does, it really doesn't matter what your name is.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Friday Night Will Be A Family....Reunion


Sheryl Crow Has A New Man! One Problem: He’s Married!

Sheryl Crow & Doyle Bramhall II Photo: GettyImages.com
Sheryl Crow & Doyle Bramhall II Photo: GettyImages.com

Sheryl Crow & Doyle Bramhall II Photo: GettyImages.com

Sheryl Crow made it public last week that she has a new boyfriend.  Unfortunately, he is married! 

Sheryl Crow had Doyle Bramhall II escort her to the Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center's spring ball last week where they performed together as well.  They have been friends for over 10 years and have worked in the past and her last album together.  Doesn't change the fact that he is married!

Doyle Bramhall is married to Susannah Melvoin, sister of Wendy Melvoin.  Wendy was a member of the group, Prince & The Revolution and Susannah was engaged to Prince. 

It seems to have come to a surprise to Susannah about Doyle and Sheryl being together and it seems  she found out the day after Mother's Day. 

Susannah rep's had this to say when we contacted them;

"Susannah is trying to stay strong and find some peace. She's focussing all her energies on raising her 2 beautiful girls and throwing herself into making the forthcoming album from fDeluxe a success"

Wow.  We know that Lance Armstrong did Sheryl wrong but going after another married man.  They were friends too!  It's not like Sheryl didn't know Susannah.  Crazy.  So not cool.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  If It Makes You happy......