LOL! Selena Gomez Pokes Justin Bieber….Fun, That Is!

Selena Gomez Photo: Twitter.com

Although Selena Gomez hooked back up with Justin Bieber last weekend in Oslo, Norway, she made sure to poke him this week. Not on Facebook, but in a photo.

Selena took a photo with a fan wearing a Justin Bieber shirt.

We wonder if the couple will still be together by the time the Billboard Music Awards take place on May 19th. Both Selena and Justin are scheduled to perform.-DocFB

Diagnosis: What happens in Norway...ends up on Justin's Instagram!-DocFB

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Can You Tell The Difference? Is It Bob Marley or Jimi Hendrix?

SO is the T-Shirt image Bob Marley or Jimi Hendrix?

U tell us! #Fail

Some say we all look the same.....-DocFB


Video Premiere: “Who Owns My Heart” Miley Cyrus

The lyrics are super cheesy but and I was not going to post BUT when parents start complaining that something is "too sexy" when it is not, I am going to bring it to you.

"Who Owns My Heart"s is the latest song from Miley Cyrus and yes, she rhymes heart with art.  Gag!  But is the video really "too sexy" for a 17 year old?

Who doesn't have a 17 year old just wearing panties and a t-shirt singing in her bed.  It exists.  There is no booty shot.  Nada.  It is tame..and no stripper pole either.

What do YOU think of the video?-Dr.FB


Parody: Justin Bieber Gets Hit By Things

So we all know that Justin Bieber was hit with a t-shirt and some sour patch kids, not a water bottle as previously reported.

What if other things were thrown at him? Check it out above.-Dr.FB