Video Premiere: “Who Owns My Heart” Miley Cyrus

The lyrics are super cheesy but and I was not going to post BUT when parents start complaining that something is "too sexy" when it is not, I am going to bring it to you.

"Who Owns My Heart"s is the latest song from Miley Cyrus and yes, she rhymes heart with art.  Gag!  But is the video really "too sexy" for a 17 year old?

Who doesn't have a 17 year old just wearing panties and a t-shirt singing in her bed.  It exists.  There is no booty shot.  Nada.  It is tame..and no stripper pole either.

What do YOU think of the video?-Dr.FB

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  1. I don’t see what the big deal is. I really didn’t see anything inappropriate. Plus its not meant to be a Disney music video, so parents should not be complaining.

  2. i do not think that this video is too sexy. shes freakin 17. i think the parents need to lay off alittle.

  3. LAME!!! It just looks all wrong, another sad, sad case of a girl trying to be a woman way too soon!! Ughhh!!

  4. I think people just need to calm down. If you go to a high school dance you will see WAY worse than what was in this video! and honestly, what teen age girl doesn’t sing in bed in underwear and a teeshirt… i know i did. I’m pretty sure that next time I go to the club they will be playing this song :)

  5. I agree this video is not sexy. She’s 17 what do parents expect? That she’s not going to grow up. Sooner or later it was going to happen. I think that the parents should back off.

  6. I don’t see anything wrong with it !! If this was a kid who didn’t star on the Disney channel most of her life we wouldn’t even be talking about it. Bottom line is parent your kids ..your the only one who holds the real influence over your child. I think parents have more to worry about these days besides a harmless music video ..and I happen to be a mother of 2.

  7. Oh, please this is a Music Video! It’s for your entertainment, if she just sat in a chair and sang the song it would not sell videos… My Goodness, parents are getting to be like the parents in the 50’s with Rock n Roll… “Is this the devils music” too… lol

  8. I agree with Andy She is going into the next phase in her career. The lyrics are juvenile and like a bad poem written while drunk, spill over a quite enjoyable dance beat and melody.

    All the press angry and outraged over this video are just going to move this song up the dance charts.

  9. lol are you serious???????? wow miley you really shouldve stuck to disney, you just look like a wanna be brittney and christina. ps theyre skanky and their music sucks, so pretty much you suck!

  10. There is no such thing as TOO Sexy…

    There is only tasteful and not tasteful.

    This is sexy and tasteful.

    Miley is only following the playbook for how to transfer her career to the next phase…

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