The Grammys Have A Problem


The Grammys last night had a problem.  Actually, they had a lot of problems and I am about to address some of them right now.

First of all, the Grammys need to follow the Golden Globes lead and what the Oscars have done for years and that is go LIVE around the United States and the World.  We are living in an Internet world where people use Twitter and Facebook to converse and we have friends in different states that are watching it live while we wait for 3 hours, but we see them tweet about performers and awards. 

As we become more advanced, the need for LIVE shows is more important.  Trust me, people on the West Coast get screwed on finding out the results of American Idol as well. 

The Grammys were so heavy on commercials that it made me wish I DVR'd them instead of wanting to watch them live.  That was some lameness right there.  You don't have a host so it cut down on time, but it doesn't help when we are getting 15 minutes an hour of commercials. 

 If you guys are so strapped for cash then maybe you need to come up with this: "Here is the Best New Artist Award, brought to you by Target.  Target.  Where you get crap for less."  I mean you are already commercialized so much any way, we wouldn't really notice and then you would not have to go to a break so quickly.

Another thing is Adam Lambert got so much crap from censors about his performance at the American Music Awards.  You want to know what is more annoying to me?  When the Black Eyed Peas are performing and you hear about 10 seconds of dead audio because they just had to curse.  That was sooooo 1993. 

The Lil Wayne, Eminem and Drake performance was even worse.  It is not enjoyable at home and I am ALL about artistic expression but B.E.P. and Em, Wayne, and Drake, your performances were straight booty because you not being professional enough to keep it clean for TV.  It is the most annoying thing to not have audio for that long.  Can't you think of other words that rhyme with duck or lit or pucker?  Come on now.  Show your versatility.

Lastly, the Grammys gave out a BUNCH of awards before the show.  Taylor Swift's first ever Grammy was given before the show aired.  We missed her excitement.  Lady Gaga did not win any awards on the telecast but actually won 2 before the show.  Maxwell won R & B male but we did not see it.  Jay Z won two awards for D.O.A. and Eminem won for best rap album but we did not know.

Toby Keith talked about the grammys not giving Country music respect.  Sorry, but  for R & B music and Rap music categories to be ignored the way they have is horrible. 

A message to the Grammys, the MTV Awards, The American Music Awards, the TV networks and Award show producers need to figure this out and make some changes or the Grammys next year won't be in my home, they can go home.-Dr.FB


The Emmys To Take On The Dallas Cowboys & Lose!


emmysThe Emmy's, after announcing they were moving the award show to September 13th to not compete with football, have now moved it back to September 20th.

The reason? The MTV Video Music Awards, which sucked butterballs last year.  Both networks are owned by Viacom and you just can't have both compete.

  Now, by moving the award show back to September 20th, it will be put against NBC;s Sunday Night Football which will have Tony Romo & The Dallas Cowboys versus Eli Manning & The New York Giants, basically, a ratings bonanza and an Emmy killer.

The Cowboys each time they had a game on Sunday Night Football last year, would win the ratings for the week and were also NBC's highest rated games of the year.  Add in it is the Cowboys home opener at their new stadium and the ESPN coverage that will follow, CBS is majorly F'd!

The last time the Giants played the Cowboys in a home opener, the ratings were in the 30 million range. (I was there.)  We are talking American Idol numbers. Not to mention the Emmy's are still on tape delay in the West Coast so while watching the game, you can find out the winners online. 

Side note: The Cowboys have NEVER lost a game I attended.  Unfortunately, unless Tony hooks me up..cough cough..scuse me, I will not be at that game.  :)

Face it; until the Emmy's move to a nation-wide live telecast, something else will catch the viewers eyes, no matter who the host is.-Dr.FB