Watch Now! Keaton Simons Performs “Beautiful Pain” On Ellen

Keaton Simons Promo Photo

Keaton Simons performed "Beautiful Pain" On Ellen and we almost didn't recognize him!

Keaton chopped of his long locks! It didn't hurt his performance in the least obviously.

Keaton performed alongside his full band, which features Robin Dimaggio (drums), Darwin Johnson (bass), and Scheila Gonzalez (keys, backing vocals).

Keaton also recently performed a show at New York City's Webster Hall as well as Teaneck, NJ that featured appearances from friends Jason Castro (former American Idol contestant) and Ryan Cabrera.

You can purchase "Beautiful Pain" on iTunes or Amazon-DocFB

Diagnosis: Someone to keep an eye on....

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4 More Years! The Ellen Show Renewed Through 2017!

Portia & Ellen DeGeneres & Kelly Clarkson  Photo: GettyImages.com

When she is not getting photo-bombed by Kelly Clarkson and with her beautiful wife Portia de Rossi, Ellen Degeneres is busy dominating daytime talk and she will continue to do so for at least another 4 years.

NBC made the announcement that the daytime queen has re-upped her contract through the 2016-2017 season. 10 NBC stations and 179 outlets decided that Ellen is the way to go.

Portia, Ellen, & Katy Perry's Boobs

Warner Bros. Television President Ken Werner stated:

“Ellen is quite simply the best. Day in and day out she and her team produce a unique and compelling hour of entertainment which is appointment television for legions of women.”

“We are absolutely thrilled that NBC, Ellen, Warner Bros. and all of our station partners will be continuing our successful relationship for years to come."

Valari Staab from NBC also chimed in:

“Ellen is the crown jewel of the NBC Owned Television Stations daytime lineup. We are proud and thrilled to extend our relationship with Ellen DeGeneres, all the great people working on her show and our friends at Warner Bros.”

Congrats to Ellen and here is to another 4 more years!-DocFB

Diagnosis: The daytime line-up for NBC stays in place at least.


Video Performance: Allen Stone Performs “Sleep” On The Ellen Show

I saw Allen Stone open up for Nikka Costa a couple of years ago. I knew it was only a matter of time before Allen was making his own impact. Yesterday, he made his daytime television debut on The Ellen Show performing "Sleep".

It has been a while since a white boy has had this much soul...for real. Although I think a Stevie Wonder retro shirt would look better on him than one of Whitney Houston.

One thing is for sure; when Allen is singing, we highly doubt anyone wants to "Sleep" at all.-DocFB

Diagnosis: We expect big things from Allen in 2013


Oh No She Didn’t, Did She? Ellen Copies Miley Cyrus’s New Hair Do!

Ha! Ellen DeGeneres just released this photo above saying "she LOVES Miley Cyrus's new hair do so much that she copied it!"

Thankfully, it appears to be photoshopped! We LOVE Ellen's hair as is.....

Just a reminder, The Ellen show returns for it's 10th season September 10th!-DocFB


Where’s Kanye? Ellen Doesn’t Let Taylor Swift Finish Her Promo

We guess Kanye West isn't the only one who can cut Taylor Swift off; Ellen DeGeneres can too!

In a new promo for Ellen's 10th season on the air, Taylor Swift is talking Ellen up but Ellen just thinks that maybe Taylor is better seen and not heard. It is quite funny.

At least Taylor didn't have that surprised look on her face again.

Ellen returns (Yes!!!) September 10th for her 10 season and we cannot wait!-DocFB


Justin Timberlake: Ellen Is The Best “Finger-Kisser”….

Although we wish this was a new Justin Timberlake song we were talking about, we can't get mad that Justin is doing a teaser about Ellen returning for her 10th season!

Yes! Ellen is returning September 10th for her 10th season on the air. Justin couldn;t get it right about Ellen's smile and instead went with her "finger-kissing" technique.

Although Bethanny has kept us busy this summer, we cannot wait for Ellen to return to the airwaves and see what other musical talent she finds after Greyson Chance and Karmin in the past 2 years.

Check out Justin's awkwardness and Ellen being playful as we gear up for season 10 of Ellen.-DocFB


Bobby Brown Goes Heart To Heart With Ellen About Whitney…And We Believe Him!

Ellen DeGeneres is the best interviewer ever. Seriously. After what has happened to Whitney Houston and his actions, we don't exactly have mad love for Bobby Brown. Yet, after watching Ellen, we feel his loss.

He talks about the flack he received performing the night of Whitney's death. I never fully understood why he did get grief for that. The comments a few days later where he said he is still "Bad ass Bobby Brown" was a little bit more offensive.

"She worked hard. Played hard. Lived hard. Loved hard" Bobby explained to Ellen about Whitney.

This whole reality show that Whitney Houston and even with Bobby's own show leaves a bad taste in our mouths. For one moment though, we felt Bobby's loss. Ellen really does humanize people.-DocFB