Jam Of The Moment! The Weeknd “Love In The Sky”

The Weeknd Screen Cap: StereoGum.com

Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd is making a name for himself. The Canadian R&B singer has just released "Love In The Sky" from his 2nd album "Kiss Land" to be released on September 10th.

The song is very sexual and has a few drug references.

To listen to the new song "Love In The Sky" and The Weeknd tour dates, click here...


The Weeknd Releases A Dark But Soulful Video For “Belong To The World”

The video of "Belong To The World" by The Weeknd is rather dark with the first few minutes being a little "WTH" but if you stick with it, you will be rewarded.

The Weeknd's voice is refreshing. He wants her but he can't have her but he understands he can't change her because she belongs to the world. An unselfish perspective of what someone tells me all the time: That we are not our bodies.

I wouldn't desire someone who is dead inside but it comes from the fact where she comes from a place of genuine care but she knows he cannot have her, you can understand in a painful way how much he wants her and he cannot have her no matter what he does.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Brilliant. Strange video...but the concept and the lyrics are brilliant.