The Real #1 MTV Video For The 1980’s Is…..

The number #1 video from MTV’s 1980’s not “Thriller” by Michael Jackson but the Australian act Inxs “With I Need You Tonight” from the late 80’s. The video was chosen by ones who won best video.  Since MTV did not have an awards show when “Thriller” was released, it was not eligible. So, because of […]

The # 2 MTV Video Of The 1980’s Is……..

MTV asked the fans to vote for the top video of the 80’s and it was NOT “Thriller” by Michael Jackson.  The number #2 video is “Take On Me” by A-Ha. I dig the song and the video…and surprised P. Diddy and other hip-hop acts have not tried to sample the melody of the A-Ha […]

Coming To A Theatre Near You; “Thriller” The Movie

The day after it was announced that Michael Jackson made $275 million after his death, it looks like they found a way to make another quarter of a billion dollars; make a movie out of “Thriller” from MJ. There is a bidding war for the movie and Kenny Ortega, the man behind “This Is It” […]

This Is It To Be Released On DVD In January

Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” will be released on DVD & Blu-Ray January 26th.  I am surprised they did not try to get it out before Christmas, but they did say all along it would be released in early 2010. Both the DVD and high-def versions of “This Is It” will include several mini-documentaries and […]