Coming To A Theatre Near You; “Thriller” The Movie

Michael Jackson

The day after it was announced that Michael Jackson made $275 million after his death, it looks like they found a way to make another quarter of a billion dollars; make a movie out of "Thriller" from MJ.

There is a bidding war for the movie and Kenny Ortega, the man behind "This Is It" is set to direct it.  The budget would be over $50 million dollars to cast the movie and for designs.  It will be set in the town Vincent Price grew up in and start from there. 

The Michael Jackson Estate has yet to sign off on it but it looks like they 100% percent will. 

What do YOU think of a Thriller movie?-Dr.FB

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  1. Great never before seen photo….I want more info on it’s origins!

  2. Greedy SOB’s!I didn’t bother with the last movie nor will I this or any future releases!Micheal is/was and will be the most important piece to that and seeing as how he is no longer with us….well strictly pointless!

  3. I believe this “Movie” has been in production since 25/6/09 in “real time” ! bring it on Michael. with the L.O.V.E.

  4. Dumb question maybe!! How could you make a movie without Michael, come on!!!

  5. Figures. Ortega needs to go sit down somewhere. The estate may approve this but the family very well may not and unfortunately that won’t matter. I’m sure Katherine wouldn’t want Mr. Ortega to continue working on anything that has her sons name involved, considering his was one of the names listed in her wrongful death suit that more openly called out AEG. Fans may get excited at the idea, but look deeper at who’s going to profit. It sure ain’t Mike. He would have likely loved the idea, but he’s not here to make it a reality. The ones who surrounded him when he died are.

  6. i can see a Thriller meets Glee episode, but a movie. What about Thriller meets High School Musical?? I think they need to leave it b.

    by the way cool pix…..never seen it b4. what the story bhind it? was it for a unreleased project?

  7. I don’t get it. What’s the point of a Thriller Movie? Next question..how do you make a Thriller movie? I still have my VHS copy of Thriller thst has the behind the scenes “making of the video footage”. Has anyone called John Landis…this makes no sense.

  8. ehh i don’t get it… is it gonna be like an “Across the Universe” film?

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