The # 2 MTV Video Of The 1980’s Is……..

MTV asked the fans to vote for the top video of the 80's and it was NOT "Thriller" by Michael Jackson.  The number #2 video is "Take On Me" by A-Ha.

I dig the song and the video...and surprised P. Diddy and other hip-hop acts have not tried to sample the melody of the A-Ha smash.  As much as I like "Thriller" it was nice to see other video's get named for the top videos of the 1980's.

What do you think of MTV's choice of "Take On Me" by A-Ha as the number 2 video of the 80's?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Have You All Seen The Family Guy "Take On Me" Episode? Pop Culture Baby!

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  1. This STILL is the ish…

  2. i actually LOVE this vid so glad to see it above ‘Thriller’ even though i love michael..

  3. Thank you Rob for that…..:)

  4. oh.. I wondered why it [Thriller] wasn’t even a choice in the poll….

  5. technically, thriller was disqualified. in order to be in running, the rules stated that the video had to have won video of the year

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