Ticketmaster-Live Nation Merger Spurs Call for Anti-Trust Investigation

Ticketmaster’s attempt to take over the world will not go unimpeded. In this article from CNN, we learn that the proposed merger between Ticketmaster and Live Nation has prompted calls for an anti-trust investigation. The merger between Ticketmaster and the world’s largest concert promoter would “[lock] up a whole lot of the revenue streams for […]

Breaking News! Ticketmaster & Live Nation May Merge!

Oh the horror!  After posting the Ticketmaster scandal story, it hits the wires right now and is being reported that Live Nation and Ticketmaster may merge!  We are being told the new company would be called Live Nation Ticketmaster.  Wow.  Pretty creative stuff.  If they try to go through with this, it will have to be […]

Feds To Investigate Ticketmaster?

Just when you thought there was no justice in this world. New Jersey Congressman Bill Pascrell (D-8th Dist.) wants a federal investigation into Ticketmaster and some alleged shady doings with the ticket sales for two Bruce Springsteen shows at the Izod Center. According to this report, fans who tried to buy tickets online encountered error […]

Blockbuster Signs 3 year Deal To be New Ticket “Master”

Blockbuster, who last time handled music acts as Blockbuster Music, is back in the game. They signed a 3 year deal with Live Nation to sell concert tickets and merchandise at Blockbuster stores. Ticketmaster, for a long time the only name in the game, is not getting it’s contract renewed with Live Nation at the […]