Kristen Stewart Does Not Want To Talk About Relationships

Kristen Stewart.
Kristen Stewart.

Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, & Dakota Fanning Photo: GettyImages.com

Kristen Stewart is not the biggest fan of the press and it has to do with how much people want to know about her relationship with Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson.

She has had to do a lot of press lately for her upcoming movie "The Runaways" and the question has come up more than she would like it to which is never.

On a recent interview when asked she replied; “I just can say that with Twilight we all have become really close and what people say about us ends up debasing our relationships.”

The interviewer then took it that she is implying that her n Robert are only friends and she quickly rebutted that by saying; No, that’s not what I said” and cut the interview short. 

Kristen was thrown into the Twilight limelight which is too much for her.  She just wants to stick to acting. 

Usually, it's young males who have to deal with this craze like say Leonardo DiCaprio after "Titanic" and being the main female lead on a movie series such as Twilight can be overwhelming where she can't handle always having to be nice or doing anything in the public eye.

Others may be upset by her and use her acting with the media as a way to dig at her, but she hasn't been a menace on set during filming of "Twilight" or "The Runaways" as far as I know.  You can't be nice 24/7 and if she doesn't want to talk to RPattz, I am cool with that.  However, if they are spotted together.......-Dr.FB


Avatar About To Sink Titanic Record

Avatar Movie Poster

Avatar Movie Poster

While you are reading this, Avatar may be passing Titanic as the biggest box office movie of all-time world-wide.

While not taking inflation into account, Avatar sometime Monday or Tuesday will be passing Titanic.  Only one can wonder what is going through James Cameron's mind as he has directed both movies.

Have you seen "Avatar" yet or do you think it is all hype?-Dr.FB


No. 7 The Dark Knight Scores At The Box Office

The Dark Knight Still Setting Records.  Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures
The Dark Knight Still Setting Records.  Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

The Dark Knight Still Setting Records. Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

Even before the death of Heath Ledger, the talk of the Dark Knight series and Heath playing the Joker was hitting legend status.  When Heath was first announced in the role, the fan boy community of comic book readers were up in arms.  How could he come close to Jack Nicholson's Joker.  The Fact? In the end, he set the standard for all future Jokers.

The Dark Knight did not alter it's release date or it's promotional plan and it succeeded setting box office records for opening day and opening weekend.  It is currently 2nd place behind Titanic and is going to be re-released in theatres in just a few weeks.

The movie was long and dark and on point in all aspects.  Christian Bale was overshadowed and he did not care.  People were paying more attention to the Joker than Batman's sometimes annoying speech.

The Joker is the all time classic villan and Heath took him to new heights.  Unfortunately, Heath may have played him too well and had trouble sleeping which led to his untimely death in his 20's.  It is a known fact in Hollywood right now, if Heath does not get the Oscar for his portrayal, the Acadamy will have very much got it wrong.-Dr.FB


More From Kate Winslet’s Vanity Fair Shoot

Kate Winslets Steaming Vanity Fair Cover Shoot.  Photo: VanityFair.com
Kate Winslets Steaming Vanity Fair Cover Shoot.  Photo: VanityFair.com

Kate Winslet's Steaming Vanity Fair Cover Shoot. Photo: VanityFair.com

As if I needed any more evidence of how amazing Kate is, I found some. Ha.  Hoping that the fur is fake but those stocking n heels are fierce.  Ahem.  Scuse me.  (Your a doctor.  Be more professional.)

Um...so here is Kate talking about working with Leonardo DiCaprio again after Titanic:

"Leo and I, you know, are sort of kindred spirits," Winslet says. "We're cut from the same cloth."

(Ok.  Doing good with the professional thing. )  So Revolutionary Road is drawing Oscar buzz but so is another project, The Reader.  Kate had this to day about the roles:

"How the hell did I get that lucky [to have two compelling roles] in the same 12-month period?," she says. "It's really rare and remarkable, and I don't take that position lightly. It might not happen like that again; I'm well aware of that. You know, the truth is, I'm just going to bloody well make the most of it."

Good job Kate, and look forward to hopefully seeing both films.

Glad to see woman dress like that more than just on Halloween.  Ah.  Dang.  Professionalism just went out the window.  Hope you don't blame me and hope that is fake fur.-Dr.FB